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Thread: H1N1 Flu Shot

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    H1N1 Flu Shot

    Has anyone heard any feed back on people with MS and the H1N1 Flu shot?

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    I am so glad you asked this because I was worrying about this today. I have TM. It's been over 24yrs though.

    A few years back, my friend and I at the time - we had lined up for an annual flu shot at the local market (they give them even at your workplace in Canada) but they refused me because I had a neurological condition. Yet, my doctor's office (who I find rather clueless when it comes to the CNS) asks every time you go, "Wanna flu shot?"

    So I've never had one. H1N1 has me worried though. Considering it.
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    The reason for the post is because my neuro said it was ok to take it but what I read online says no. I have taken the seasonal Flu shot now for many years with no problem.
    I have MS and do not want to catch any Flu strain period. I'm considering it also.

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    I think I'd be going for it this year.
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    Lynnifer have you checked the Cody Unser fan page on FB about this? Amazing amount of opinions from TMers on shot or no shot. I'd wait for the shot versus FluMist. But that's me.
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    I'm not getting it. I don't get a flu shot either. I am one of them my neurologist told me not to.
    We all have to remember how many strands of M.S. there are also. Some may be able to and some may not. I think the best and safe thing is to not guess but ask your Doc.

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    so far my doc's office told me that no one in pennsylvania has gotten the swine flu vaccine. i got a pneumonia shot like 3 years ago and i've been getting the standard flu shot since i got hurt 5 years ago. i'm scheduled next week for my annual flu shot. i haven't gotten sick (besides the occasional stomach bug) since i got hurt, but since i'm out on campus this semester, things may change but i hope not.
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    Seasonal flu shots are highly recommended for those with MS. Remember that pneumonia and respiratory failure are the #! causes of death long-term in MS.

    The highests risks for H1N1 deaths are in young people and those with chronic diseases, including MS and spinal cord injury. The VA is recommending it for all Veterans with SCI and MS as well as other chronic neuromuscular conditions and diseases (such as ALS).


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    I am not going to take it but I have never taken the usual flu shot either. I had the usual flu two years ago. I ended up in hospital with 40C in fever, but it was not that bad. I slept most of the time and got IV for three days and then I was sent out.

    I believe the shots are destroying the normal immunity, the H1N1 is on the top here now and most of the people is not getting very sick. A little fever, 38,5C, pain in the body and it takes three days. Some people are getting worse but very few and they have gotten the Tamiflu. 4 people have died, sad, but more people are dying from the normal flu.

    But people are carefully. If they think they might have the flu they have to stay away from work a week and all the people are using antibac, I have never seen so much antibac in my life like now, they have it everywhere.

    My daughter, who is a nurse, says that since I have been on antibiotics since July I am going to be real sick from the shot. But I think I have had it. Everybody has read how terrible it is in the paper and people are scared but everybody knows somebody who has had it and I haven't heard about anybody getting real sick.
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    I am very inventive [oops, meant sensitive] and could be dead wrong, given my contradiction with the medical establishment. But I think vaccines are evil and I will avoid then at all costs.

    They swine flu vaccine in the 70s totally screwed up my body, though I suspect it might have been from developing an overgrowth of yeast systemically from the ingredient in at (very comic thing a name I forget) that I don't think they use anymore. Maybe Mercury?)

    I never could remember if I hadto get vaccines before going to Spain in college, but i had my first funky parasthesias upon my retrn.

    The MMR boster I had to get in a 90 really I think affected my coordination and balance.

    My first walking difficulties occurred very shortly after my getting a tetanus shotf.

    It’s enough to convince me. Getting sick is very bad for me too, but I'd rather take my chances than ensure getting screwed up.
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