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Thread: what should I expect?

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    Saw the intake people yesterday - well, some of them, anyway - my appointment was late in the afternoon. I have to go back today & get scheduling done for some stuff - including to see a neurosurgeon - the intake guy was NOT impressed with the answer the civilian doc gave - ("it's not bad enough to fix yet") and wants me to see their surgeon ASAP. They also put some special dressing on my non-healing foot wound, and are sending me to the wound clinic, heart doc & he's recommending that my 'assigned' doctor will see me asap & emailed her that he believes I need to be bumped to a cat 4, so who knows? When I find out, I'll update!

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    Hi Coleen. I just wanted to make sure you are careful about this. I have gone to the VA and they can be really helpful and have done good work for me. But, I have also heard some horror stories too. It seemed to me they can be very surgery happy sometimes and a lot of residents from the local hospitals do their internships there as well and the head docs like them to get their training there as well. I don't know your situation and i'm sure they are trying to be helpful but no matter what, it is always good to get at least one or two other opinions with anything like this. I hope it works out for you.

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    Sounds like it went good, Coleen, congrats. I hope the other appointments went well. You would do good to be bumped to category 4. BigK makes a good point, though I've never figured out how to get a second opinion with the VA. Do your homework, looking forward to good news.

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    Bigk & quadvet, This will be the second opinion, but I'll be very careful!
    So far, things are ok, we'll have to see how things go from hiere, I'll keep in touch about it.

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    You will probably be very busy with initial appointments for a while. I still go to the VA for one thing or another at least four times a month at their request. Two times this week so far.

    They do take good care of you, but I would recommend getting a calendar book for managing your appts. Write down any questions in it, keep track of all your appts, write a brief reminder to follow up on all suggestions and anything else you can think of. They are very busy and sometimes things fall through the cracks.

    Advocate for yourself, educate yourself and take care of yourself. My appointments usually last about an hour or so each and are very thorough. Take advantage of anything and everything that you are entitled to.

    Good for you girl, you got in!
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    Also, be sure you register for My Healthe Vet. Anyone can get to the general information there, but if you register, you can use that website to check on your appointments and re-order meds and supplies. Eventually you will be able to actually read your chart, check on your lab results, and e-mail your provider using this secure site as well. You must register on-site at a VAMC as you must show proof of identity at that time (govt. issued ID).


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    Thanks everyone! I got a call from the spine clinic (I forget the real name) at VA in Seattle & have an appointment there on the 5th of November. I also meet mt new PCP on the 29th - Dr Sharon Gill. I'm told she's really good & a nice person. They're putting me on a 48hr heart monitor on Monday because of my PSVT & Princemetals angina. There's a bunch of appointments being made, so the calandar is a good idea. I'll register for the online access next time I'm there.

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    I love the My healthy vet website. I can re-order all of my meds online. They usually take about a week and a half to get to me, so watch your meds to make sure you get the order in on time so you never run out. Sunday morning I refill my med tray and then place any orders necessary. The refills come right away to my mail box. Easy.

    Sounds like things are moving right along for you. Good.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    Coleen, I hope that they take good care of you there. Wishing you well!

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    Ahh, I see now that you went to the hub clinic at American Lake for your intake, and go to the Seattle SCI Center in November. They can be really good and they care. Just don't fall through the cracks...and don't take "don't call us, we'll call you"; be diligent or vigilant in following up, whatever it takes.

    Do register for next time you're at the VA, it only takes a few minutes, and it's pretty handy.

    All the best.

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