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Thread: World’s First Voice Controlled Micro Car

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    World’s First Voice Controlled Micro Car

    hmmm, sorry about posting what seems to be an advertisement but I got this as junk mail and thought that this might be of interest for all of you who use voice activated software. If they can do this with a "microcar" for $15, they should be able to do other things with similar technology.

    World's First Voice Controlled Micro Car!

    There is NO remote control needed with these micro wonders. You simply say "GO" and it races forward, say "COME BACK" and it races back. Try saying "LETS GO CRAZY" and the Smart Car will do a dance and play digital tunes. It understands 4 different sound commands. Plus it has incredible sound effects so before the car races off the engine revs up then the tires screech. There are a total of 10 sound effects in all. The hood goes up and down, the lights flash and the horn beeps as it races along. This comical little car is great big fun! Batteries are included.

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    I am surprised that the price is only $15. I think I am going to buy the little voice controlled car.


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    i am saving my money for the pamela anderson clone with voice activated control

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