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Thread: Wheelchair Alignment

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    Wheelchair Alignment

    Hey i took my chair in to replace my backrest,so they told me they had to ajust my front wheels,i dont know why but now my chair keeps on pulling to the right and it iratates me like hell.....How can i get this right without having to go back to them

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    They probably tightened your right caster axle bolt too much, try loosening it.

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    Flip ypur casters and see which one is tighter. As Ancient says loosen up, more than likely, the right one,maybe a quarter turn until it feels the same "tightness" as the other. It doesn't take much. Its probably a 3/4 inch socket.

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    just watch incase they put lock tight on there and you break that seal. I've had bolt come right off going down hill quickly and it isn't so fun.

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    my chair pulls to the right too.. esp when i lowered the back. i made sure the axle tubes are the same length, but it pulls more then before and it left me puzzled on why.

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    If you have camber on your rear wheels and they are not aligned, it will pull to one side.
    When you lowered your back you probably wheel differently in that you have less back support so you natuarally are stronger on one side which means you push unevenly.

    Usually its because one front caster is tighter than the other. Normally it takes a 3/4" socket. either tighten the one opposite the way its pulling. Maybe only a 1/4 turn.

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    soemtimes i just push the right to try and even out. not even pushin the left side and it still pulls to the right

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    More than likely your left front caster is too loose. Use a 3/4 socket and tighten only 1/4 turn and see if that does the trick if not tighten a little more. Or your R front caster may be too tight. I bet its the left thts too loose

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    first, put chair upside down, spin casters, if they spin at different rates, it's either axel too tight, or hair caught in the caster, or bad bearings.

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