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Thread: Fentanyl patch problems

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    Thanks for your help with this. Bummer about not being able to cut the patches, it makes it very expensive. I'd be interested in finding out what the people in the know think about using half of the dose we are using on a 2 day cycle on a 1 day cycle. Even though it would be a lot more expensive, it seems to make sense to me in order to even out the dosage. Tason, please keep me posted with how you go and what you find out, and I will do same.

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    This thread has been very helpful to me since I just started using the patch. It was Rx to me on Tues and I couldn't get it till Wed so so far I have only had it for a day. It gave me a lot of relief in the afternoon although it didn't do much in the morning. Today, I have had some back and rib pain but have taken some Gabapentin also and it seems to have helped a bit more. My Rx is the lowest and I hope that with time it continues at that amount and also gives me better relief with time.

    One thing I would like to mention here is that I also use Icy Hot on my rib pain and it seems to help too. Don't know if others might benefit from it but I think it is worth a try if you wish. Also, while speaking with my doctor on Tues, he mentioned that Duragesic does come in a cream. I will try to find out more about it at a later date.

    Thank you all for sharing your care/treatment with this medication, it has been of great help for me.

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    Raven, thanks for your update. I did give you a call about 10 days ago, but there was no answer. I hope that the Fentanyl patch provides you with the pain relief that you need. I'll be in touch.
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    I've been on the Fentanyl 50mcg patch now for about a year. Change every 48 and I also take 30mg Morphine BID for breakthrough. This has worked wonders for me and seems to be a lot better than the 150mg a day Morphine I used to be on.
    As far as something to cover the patch. Nexcare has a product, actually two, one is a transdermal shield covering that works great. They come like 5 to a box over the counter and they also have a roll of clear tape that really works well. You can find it in the band-aid isle at the store
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    If you get the brand name you can call and they will send you lay over covers for free. The brand name seems to stick much better with little itching at least for meso I rarely use the covers though they are nice to have at no charge. As for the generic I had no luck with the Mylan brand especially in the summer sometimes they would come right off if I sweat. I have had good luck with Sandoz though after a lawsuit years ago due to leaking thet are hard to find. Hope this was helpfull.

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    Mylan will also send the covers for free.

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    the nexcare tape works great for me....I work outside in Florida and sweat profusely....The nexcare in the green package is the best for me

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    If you use Duragesic (Brand) but have a high co-pay, try using the Fentanyl (Generic) Patch manufactured by Watson. I heard somewhere that Duragesic and Fentanyl by Watson are manufactured at the same place. They have the same adhesive and delivery method (aka 2 layers with the gel in the middle). I personally am allergic to most adhesives, including the adhesive on Fentanyl Patches made my Mylan. I am fine with Duragesic and Fentanyl made by Watson.
    Also, during the summer months I cover my patches with Tegaderm by 3M/Nexcare. I like the clear cover so I can continue to check my skin for possible reactions to adhesive (as I develop new allergies or my current allergies get worse all the time).
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    on cutting patches

    I don't understand how changing a 25 mcg patch daily would give someone more pain treatment . . the patches work by delayed release, right? if you take a patch off after one day, how would all the fentanlyl have had time to be released into your body?

    as far as Mylan saying do't cut the patches, I just don't see how that can affect dosage. Unless there are different kinds of mylan patches out there. My Mylan patches are by flat, clear patches, the 100mcg patch is about two inch square, but not a perfect square. I have cut every one I have ever used but I place them on at the same time and keep them on 3 days. The cut from my scissor could not possibly disturb the gel . . the gel is perfectly evenly spread across the entire piece of plastic . .

    Once I got a patch by another brand and it was like a little pillow of jelly -- no way could you cut that, the gel/jelly would ooze out . .

    I cut my patches because they don't stay flat on my skin so I con't get all the med released into my system.

    LIke everyone else, my patches don't really give me pain relief for 3 days. . . I try to put the patch on as late in the day as possible on the 3rd day . . I know it takes awhile for the drug to start working but I am usually able to fall asleep and having the drug kick in overnight sorta drags out how long the patch can "work" for me. . . by the end of the third day, I am in a lot of pain . . but my main need is during the day when I am active . . . at night, I am not much in pain . . .

    So far, I don't have a sense of withdrawal. I feel more pain as the patch's efficacy starts to diminish . . .

    and if I happen to be out walking on a day when I didn't plan my patches carefully, when I failedl to anticipate that I would be more active -- obviously, I can walk! I am not a spinal cord in jury -- I definitely feel it. And I definitely move a whole lot more because I use fentanyl . . .

    but I am wondering if I might not wean myself off it and see what life would be like again with my pain.

    I got started on fentanyl because I can't use most painkillers cause I am on coumadin for the rest of my life and my doc pushed fentanyl. I resisted but she pushed . . and it has been great to be able to walk again without first thinking about coping with the very real pain I have . . I had just gotten used to hurting all the time . . but with the patches, I became active again . . .very active. I swim a mile almost every day cause it doesn't hurt to move anymore. .

    but fentanyl doesn't just affect my pain levels. It fogs my mind. after four years, I have to be physically dependent on it. . .

    I won't consider doing a patch every two days because then I am sure that eventually I would want more and then more. I started out, after all, on 25mcg and now I am at 100 and that as high as it goes. I am not going higher. I have other problmes in life. I don't need addiction.

    I don't want to lose the pain killing benefits of fentanyl but I would like to see if I could live without the mental fog this drug sometimes causes. These things come on gradually, right?

    For me, I don't own a car so I don't drive much but once in a great while, I do use a car, a friend's or a rental . . . and I don't think I should drive while on fentanyl, not even after being on the same dose for four years and stable. . .

    Any advice on where I might look for withdrawal support?

    I am thinking I'll ask my doc for smaller dosing, cut down to 75 mcg daily, then 50, then 25 do it gradually over several months, maybe two months at each level . . . I don't want to trigger reactive symptoms like depression or psychosis . . . if I find out my chronic pain is still awful, I can go back on. I dont want to end up an old lady addicted to pain killers and I don't quite trust my doc's judgment?

    Why, are yu thinking, do I stick with her? Well, I cant find a doc I like. My health ins is medicaid (ca state medi-cal) and medicare . . .medi medi as we low-income disabled/seniors call it. Almost all docs that treat poor folks here in the SF Bay Area would refuse to give me fentanyl cause they all seem bigoted, seem to think all folks on medi medi are looking for drugs to abuse or sell. I don't really like my doc but she treats me with dignity.

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    a tip for faster release from a patch

    It seems to me that if I heat up the patch, that speeds up the rate at which the patch releases pain relief medication . . I put my hot laptop on my chest, slumped down while I surf the internet and I swear the heat form the laptop seems to cause the drug in the patch to disperse quicker .. then it runs out before 3 days are up, of course. . . .

    but sometimes, I am in a lot of pain . . .

    I am very careful about using these patches . . and extra careful to refill my scripts as quickly as the insurer will allow . . I can usually get a little 'ahead' of the script refills . . right now, I have about 8 patches (each patch good, in theory, for 3 days, but in reality, good for 2.25 days . . . ) I like to have an extra one around just in case .. and once in a great while, I'll put on extra . . .

    and then I get all dopey, yes. . . . but the pain goes away.

    As i write this, I see that I really do want to wean myself off, just to see how it goes.

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