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Thread: indwelling catheter, leaking urine around tube from penis

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    indwelling catheter, leaking urine around tube from penis

    im back from urethroplasty and they removed my sp cath, but i now have an indwelling cath keeping the urethera open while it heals.

    problem is twice today i got this extreamly strong urge to take a pee, and then a very painful leakage of urine around the cath, from penis instead of emptying into the leg bag.

    has this happend to any of you before and whats the best thing to do.

    when i lay down the bag filled up, so im guessing the tube is blocked by my bladder wall, laying down frees it up.

    or maby while sleeping i pushed the tube further into my bladder, causing it to block.

    im wondering if i should pull it a bit untill i feel resistance. this should then free it up if it is the cause.

    i wont do anything till i get advice.

    thank you

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    Are you taking anticholenergic medications? It is common to leak after urologic surgery because the bladder and surrounding tissues are inflammed and irritable. Anticholenergic meds such as Ditropan, etc., either new (if you have not been taking) or in additional dosages or combinations usually will help with this. Did your physician OK irrigation of the catheter for clogging? This may be an issue also.

    Of course you need to be sure you don't also have a UTI. Do you have a fever?


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    hi, this is a list of drugs that i take.

    ditrusitol 4mg
    istin 5mg xam
    zoton 30mg x am
    fentananyl 75mg x 3days
    oxynorm 4x 10 mg
    neurontin 3x200
    stilnoct 10mg pm
    amtriptiline 10mg x pm
    diclac 75mg pro rel tabs x2

    i think thats all of them listed.

    lastnight i only emptied 500/600 ml inti night bag, this is usually more like 2000 ml.

    maby im not drinking as much i dont know im gonna try to drink 2.5 ltr today.

    seem urine is trying to come out urether rather then down catheter.

    urine is also darker last 2 days.

    i wet 3 tracksuit bottoms yesterday.

    i dont think its clogged with gunk as i have experianced this with sp cath many times.

    maby the tube is resting against my bladder and the suction has blocked the holes with bladder wall.

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    Call your urologist and report this problem. They need to find a resolution for you. You may need a different type of catheter such as a Mallecot, temporarily.


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    whenever i leak thru the penis, i'm clogged. (sp 9 yrs.)

    lying down usually helps me drain into legbag but ultimitely i'm clogged up with sediment or what-not.

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    yes i called the hospital where i had the surgery done and there was uroligy in who told me if im infected i would need to come in to be treated cause of the urethroplasty.

    have app with Dr tomorow.

    yes rollin im also kinda blocked with gunk and urine is getting more cloudy as time goes on.

    all the best

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