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Thread: Wheelchair and Scooter Cleaning

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    Wheelchair and Scooter Cleaning

    Hi everyone!....I am interested in starting a Wheelchair, and Scooter Cleaning service, where I come to your home....I own a Dry Steam Cleaning Machine, and that would be the method of use....My question is would there be a huge call for it, and if so what would be a fair price?....I don't see any services like it, aside from those Big chair washing machines....Any input would be greatly appreciated!...Thanks!

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    the real important cleaning must be done by hand and involves axles, plates, brakes, bearings, rims, spokes, controls, etc. it's not a hose down. lubes and degreasers are used. frames get wiped and if desired waxed. dirt vacummed out.

    water is the worst thing to use.

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    You would have competition from the wheelchair sales outlets, they are quite experienced at cleaning the chairs without damaging vital control components.

    Light housekeeping on the chair is usually a task that my care staff takes care of when there is spare time. Although last time, one about to be fired staff person of mine cleaned only one side of the chair because it was up against the wall. That's your competition as well.

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    Thanks for the help!......I know that water is the worst thing for the metal, and moveable parts...that's why i thought that those big wash machines would be bad for wheelchairs, since they use so much water.
    So, I thought Dry Steam, that uses about 80 psi pressure, and around 300 degree superheated steam, would clean more effectively; it dries quickly, and kills bacteria better than Hospital grade cleansers...with cleansers, you need adequate dwell time, (at least 5min.) for them to be effective.
    I think you need to use silicone lubricants, on all moveable parts, and a car wax is good for the frames, is that correct?..Sorry for being so wordy!

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    We are told to put the wheelchair in the shower and use soap and hot water, then clean the small wheels front from hair and other things. It is a job for my 13 years old and I pay him about 1.5 dollars for it. I have never washed my Trax except the cushion, it is always used outside.
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    keeping my power chair clean is a hassle, but with all the electrical components and wiring not guaranteed to be waterproof I would not consider it. On the other hand, I just hosed off the manual wheelchairs I have had over the past 20 years or so. They can take the wash downs. I never had any rust issues. Today's manual chairs also have much less framework to collect dirt. Five minutes with a hose got them shining clean.
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