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Thread: travel trailors the toy type

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    I was told by the sales rep the price online w/wo the options you want is pretty much the bottom line price, he could deal somewhat on delivery. I did not press him on this for I was just looking at the time. They do offer delivery to your door. Depending on size, you should be able to get into one for under 20k, maybe a lot less.

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    i was looking on crankyape the repo's my thinking was install a cowboy shower we have 1 for me in the horsetrailer first stall handheld shower head with a hole to drain water the floor is alumin with werm floring. instal; it in the toy area. i would have either a 2500 or 1 ton truck dually for stopping power

    but right now a dream as i just bought a house

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    You have posted about it somewhere here haven;t you?
    yes i have. my wife and i used to love backpacking. my trailer has made it possible to enjoy camping once again. it's one of the best things we've bought.

    a toy hauler is the way to go. my trailer is 20' long and i pull it just fine with my 1/2 ton gmc sierra.

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