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Thread: Alternative back pain relief product

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    Cool Alternative back pain relief product

    Hi guys,
    My dad had a spinal injury (car accident) and has back pain since...
    I got him the herbal spine back as an alternative pain reliever, and he says it's wonderful and helps him a lot! it smells good too.
    I found a cheap website that sells these products which are really good
    Try it, I hope it will help (it’s a warmer too....)

    Good luck

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    how does it work?

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    Spammers rarely come back to our site to see if anyone has questions about their posts.


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    Well, It's not a cure, but a relief therapy. you heat it in the microwave, and apply to your spine. just like sitting ain a jaccuzi for sometime or taking a hot bath. the thing is that is is simple (in opposed to getting into a jaccuzi...)

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