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Thread: Worst Marketing Campaign Ever Created

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
    This is the worst crap I have ever seen.

    And where on earth did they get these Stepford wives like actors to spew this brainwashed babble? Retch!
    OMG! It's like the plot before porn, but no one got naked and had sex. Looking at the people in the video, I was very pleased about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Quad View Post
    Let's come up with some Windows7 party activities!

    The fake antivirus Trojan identification game
    The no driver printer/scanner toss
    The obscure name for the Accessibility Options game
    Pin the Tail on the Bluescreen
    Guess the Service Tech's Accent


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    Did you hear what that one guy said? He had THREE activities at his party! What a wild man!

    Seriously, I'm embarrassed for those people. And their families. And their agents.


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    Ha, well... believe it or not it's actually a fair representation of a Redmond, WA party. One of the wilder ones really.

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    Low rent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpentalic View Post
    Ha, well... believe it or not it's actually a fair representation of a Redmond, WA party. One of the wilder ones really.
    So I take it if someone shows up to a party in Redmond with a 6-pack in hand, your gonna be shunned as the town drunk inside of a week. Yikes!

    BTW, anybody catch the "rad" hand gesture done by the revenge of the nerds wannabe right at the end? Gotta add something to this farce to make it look "cool". Wonder how many takes that took to get right. Oh man, it´s so bad, it´s laughable.
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    I keep waiting for them to whip out the Magic Bullet Blender, the Nuwave Oven or the Xpress 101 personal cooker.

    It's an infomercial, pure and simple, complete with shills and by asking you to drag your friends over it's crossing over into pyramid sales.


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    Not to change the thread , sort of, BUT haave any of you watched the one where Mr T. sells a grill machine like the george forman thing.My got thats hilarious.. I will see if I can find it on you tube and post a link, Its worse than his acting in the TV shows he played in...

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    Microsoft does not have a good record for commercials. Take a look at the Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld advertising which went absolutely nowhere. However, I just signed up for the Windows 7 Launch Party. Microsoft is going to give me a piece of software worth a few hundred dollars and this party is going to cost me just about nil. I'll let you know what happens.
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    Such a perfect demographic and racial cross section being represented, lol. I stopped after the first minute...are they kidding? It's a OS, whoopie.

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