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    Hi everyone.

    I often go for a ride with my chair to the seafront and i do a few miles.
    I`ve got this gloves but i don`t like them and i need know news and i`m not going to buy them again.

    I was looking in sportaid but i`m not really sure what to buy.
    Do you know some good gloves with good grip for paras and not with full fingers?

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    I've gotten gloves here:

    I've used HA134 and HA155 They're only slightly padded. The 134's have a little gel.
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    you can always do what I did - get gel insoles, cut them in 1/2 lengthwise & slip them into the palms of your gloves - worked wonders for me on my crutches & in my chair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynne View Post
    I've gotten gloves here:

    I've used HA134 and HA155 They're only slightly padded. The 134's have a little gel.
    Wow, this website have good gloves, i think i will go for this one, because i don`t have them on always, i only use gloves when i go for a ride.


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    Try These work well and sound like what you're looking for.


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    i have been using harbinger for years i buy like three sets a time. they have always wear great last longer than any other gloves i have tried but the last ones i ordered they moved the velcro to bottom and they rub my wrist bone almost raw. it was my mistake by not looking at them close up but i have three pair so i just put some duct tape where it was rubbing.
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    i just use bike gloves
    they're padded in the palm, after a couple trips up and down the driveway they're grippy, and they only cost like five bucks at big 5

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