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Thread: saw the neurologist today...

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    neuro is idiot

    tell your neuro that he is an idiot right to his dumb, oblivious face

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    Even my hororscope for today tells me to give up - surrender to a fight I won't win.

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    I kind of walked on the parallel bars in PT yesterday - with only one brace (the other is on the way) it was difficult & painful, but I did it. She's mostly working on my arm/shoulder strength, which is a bit un-nerving - she said she's going to work on getting me a lighter chair, since it looks like I'm "going to be in it for a while"
    Great. It looks like the only answer (so far) is that the combination of the bad disks touching my cord, the CE bundle being displaced, the neruopothy & arthritis are messing with me big time! AHHHHHH!!!!!

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    Saw the neurologist again today - he said my nerves look 'good' & has no idea what's going on. Of course, I wasn't standing for the study, and he seems to have ignored the fact that I had zero feeling when he was doing the test, so how can he say the nerves are ok? It's when I stand that the cord is being touched, that the bundle is being displaced - it's all so frustrating! I see the VA spine people on Nov 5th, but what's to say they won't have the same finding & I'm stuck in braces & a w/c? I just don't know what now. What, are the 'upper' nerves messed up & the deep nerves not? How does all this work? The muscles are still weak. AHHHH!

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    Did you eliminate Autonomic Dysreflexia-Hyperreflexia by taking your blood pressure and pulse rate to see if there's a difference between sitting and standing?


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    No, but maybe the VA docs will check that out.

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    Thumbs up

    I went through the same thing with the doctors. Finally had MRI and then was told to suck it up and wait. Not an emergerncy until you loose control of things. Now I have to live with central pain. Keep playing the game or you will get brushed aside. I did as little as possibe before my sugery and am now fighting to recover to just being an upright moblie person. So you are not alone.

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    I am now walking with one cane & one AFO. Even the PT was wrong - although everyone seems to think it's just a matter of time before I'm chair bound from the 'damage', DJD & arthritis in my spine & knees. That's what it takes to 'win' (even temporarily) - just getting up & doing what you can when you can! I'll take what I can get!!!

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    Thanks, everyone for your advise & support. Now that I'm 'mobil', even for just the next few years, I don't feel like I "belong" anymore, so I'm heading out. Eevryone take care & I'm praying for recovery for all!

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    Hi, everyone!
    just an update...
    I'm now able tobe up most of the day, although I need to rest intermittantly. I use my mobility scooter when shopping, since it's too much pain & my leg starts cramping after about 20 - 30 minutes.
    I find that I can walk short distances without a cane, but since I have to sort of consentrate on lifting my leg to walk or my foot drags, (and I'm still pretty badly unstable) I use a cane anytime I'm not in my own house, where I use the walls & furniture to help 'stabilize' myself. My VA doctor told me that she agrees with my PT about becoming wheelchair bound again withing 1-3 years, sooner if I fall 'wrong' & further injure my spine. I can (mostly) now tell when I need to urinate, but can't "hold it" very well at all, and can't stop the stool when it decides to make an appearance. UGH!
    All in all, I feel extreamly lucky to have the extra time being mobile, but my doctors said that there won't be any surgery until my cord is more compromised...
    I just keep moving along & exercising, but found that any backwards bending or quick twisting movements are a so totally wrong thing to do - I lose both legs for several hours or for several days.

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