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Thread: saw the neurologist today...

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    Coleen, I don't know how I ever missed these posts, but I just read through your ordeal. Wow. I am so sorry you have been given then run around but I am so glad you are proving them all wrong. Way to go. My husband has MS and at times I don't feel we belong here either but I have learned so much from this site. Please continue to come around. - Lisa

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    I'm just frustrated with the medical community as a whole. My VA doctor (I like her, mostly) said I've got a few years of mobility before it's back to the chair, and I'm going to work on making it more than that. I've pretty much adjusted to being in pain, and have figured out how to 'walk' on a numb (but painful - that's so wrong!) leg & will keep moving on as long as I can.
    Being non- tramatic SCI, even though it was 'brought to life', so to speak, by a bike accident makes one (ok, this one) a bit more insecure about joining a SCI site. I feel I've learned so much from CC, and am 'coming to terms' with my predicted future as well as my present situation. I just hope to keep my future w/c life far into the future!

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    I understand your insecurity about joining a sci site. As I have stated several times, David has ms, he is not sci. But he is basically a tripalegic (sp?) having only the use of his right arm (normally) the other limbs move but not as well. But I also agree that I have learned so much here as well. With the MS sites most of those people are still having their good and bad days and are still mobile. So I feel I learn more here. I know that someday, hopefully with the new drug Ampyra, he may walk again, but then maybe someday sci people will walk again too. We can only hope.

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