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Thread: Stephen Hawkings: Science is the law of God

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimD View Post
    They may have their own versions of how it works, but with respect, I doubt seriously that they are equally valid.
    Once you get beyond what you can personally experience its all theory, to nomads navigating by the position of the stars dreamtime legends are as equally valid as western scientific explanations as to how they got there. I have a real problem with the scientific arrogance (imo) expressed by Hawking. There may soon be a grand unified theory that makes complete scientific sense of the universe but despite this there is still much of the physical that science cannot explain.

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    This doesn't mean science will never be able to explain it... I don't see how claiming science is the law of god can be construed as arrogant... You should be proud of the fact that a scientist just came out of the closet and exclaimed he wasn't an atheist...

    The only reason other beliefs can be construed as "just as valid" is because we do not know enough to dismiss them... until science is debunked and dreamtime, catholicism, judaism, buddhism (take your pick) is proven there's only one answer A) Buggered if I know!!!

    But i do like the fact that science seems to want to find the answers, not hide them from you or make them up (on the most part)...
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