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Thread: Where have all the tendons gone?

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    Where have all the tendons gone?

    How normal is it for tendons to loosen up after an SCI as opposed to tighten? Since my SCI, I haven't had issues with my tendons getting shorter, the case is actually the opposite. My flexibility has increased in leaps and bounds, but as a downside, when I do manage to get some weight-bearing going on, the pain on my knees is excruciating. Should I be worried?

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    Tendons can be stretched beyond normal. I never heard of it happening by itself. It sounds like your knee is hyperextending. I would be concerned. Do you have an ortho MD or a PT who you can get to check it out?
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    How much spasticity do you have? It varies with TM...some people have none. The normal or hypertonicity of spasticity is generally what makes limbs stiffer, and can lead to contractures. If you have so much laxity that you have pain and instability of your joints, you may need bracing to protect the joints when standing. Have you discussed this with your PT and physiatrist?


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