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Thread: Apple and recording software

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    Apple and recording software

    I've done some searching online for various freeware programs that would simplify recording a class lecture. There plenty of complex pieces are recording software out there and I was wondering if anyone has found a streamlined application. I've been using GarageBand, but it is kind of resource hungry and would like to be able to categorize certain lectures within iTunes. Any thoughts?

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    I found GB to be a fairly decent audio recorder for Apple laptops. It can be a little over the top, but for those who are in similar situations (who type 12 words per minute) I'd recommend editing individual GB files. Once the right volume is attained -- it is pretty easy to export to AI FF or MP3.

    Here's a simple tutorial:

    Also, Audacity is an easy to use FREE program.

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    I might be worth spending the money if this is something you will use a lot. It sounds like you just need something that will record, edit, convert and have a few other convenient features.

    My main audio software is Pro Tools but that way too much software for what you need to do. I good down and dirty editor I've been using is Twisted Wave.
    ( I've been working with digital audio for over fifteen-years and have seen a lot of bloated stuff. Twisted Wave reminds me of one of the first audio software packages for the Mac, SoundEdit, so I think that is why I like it.

    Download the demo and give it a whirl.

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    Wow, just few typos in my previous post. I hate that.

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    Audacity works well with both MACs and PCs. It is free and there are lots of forum users and support available.


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