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Thread: Martial Arts

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    Martial Arts


    Has anyone on the forum formally studied martial arts? I look on U-Tube and find many examples thereof...i.e.

    one very good example.

    So I've tried to find a school who'll teach me, right? Well? They all offer me dumb excuses...."We don't allow your wheelchair on our mats..." or "We train all four limbs"... I'd really like to find a studio here in South Florida, or a Sensei who can train in these techniques. Or do I have to travel to Europe?
    Eric Texley

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    This is my personal favorite link...
    Eric Texley

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    Hi Eric! I hold 3 black belts. I don't do much these days with martial arts but I promise you're very capable if you're interested. Have you tried an ATA school? (American Taekwondo Association) there are a number of schools in Florida. There's a guy that recently wrote a book about disabled martial artists. I did an interview with them but I don't think they used the story. I can't remember the name but you might google disabled martial artists and see. Good luck
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    Hi JenJen

    I congratulate you on your accomplishments, both athletic and mental. nice going...
    Eric Texley

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    I was wondering about that too. Before I was disabled I carried a black belt in Jeet Kunde Do, the style that Bruce Lee made famous. I would love to get back into it maybe Tae Kwon Do would work.
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    The term martial arts is usually viewed very narrowly at eastern martial arts. There are many other practices out their. Learning to defend ones self, to fight in a particular fashion is a martial art.
    I used a sword and shield, single sword, mace, spear, and other weapons for about 12 years against able bodies across the US. A lot may say it's play, but it was a great way to learn to accept and dish out punishment. It worked very well for me when I was put into a real life situation against four and held them until the police arrived.
    Try taking up some boxing basics, hit the bag, get someone to stand up to you and trade blows. There are also quite a few dojo's that have always expressed teaching self defence in the Dallas area to the disabled. You might just have to find someone who is 'enlightened' enough.
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    I think Ju Jitsu is possibly the best type of martial arts to learn for us wheelers, as in most circumstances when you happen to defend yourself, you'd end up on the floor and Ju Jitsu is one of the best for ground techniques.
    I was doing Ju Jitsu for nearly two years before i got SCI'd and still go but only fortnightly now. It has certainly helped me out when i needed to defend myself a few months back when some fool decided to have a pop at me, I'm sure he won't try that again

    I now get private tutoring for an hour, if you can find someone who can do that you'll benefit from it, so much more you can learn in a short time that way.
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    Being in a chair, I would suggest a joint lock type of martial art such as Aikido or JuJitsu as compared to a striking one. If you are in a chair then obviously you can't kick or form a good base to throw a strong punch. A joint lock type of martial art can teach you to hold someone in a position or break an arm or choke someone out and will still teach punching as well anyways if you need to deliver a hard blow to the groin.

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    I hold several black belts and taught hand to hand in the military and intelligence community. I suspect they just don't know what to do so also think you need to do more research.

    as stated martial arts is a very inclusive term and the hand to hand techniques I taught were quite brutal and most wer achievable by a student with sci, but I would prorsonally have felt uncomfortable teaching it although now I'm on the other side.



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