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Thread: JustaDollarPlease by ProfessirX and the High Rollers WC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunker View Post
    "Bud Wiser" has hit the streets. not the best but a start.
    LOL. That is innovative. Wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    LOL. That is innovative. Wise.
    I could go on "De Wise Daddy" Young Wise" but just giving a dollar is a good idea.

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    Just took a look at the video..awesome job! I've sent it on to my facebook!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaleeka View Post
    Smart Ass? :P
    One of my best friends used to call me "so and so" for "so wise and so young". But, the young part doesn't hold true any more and perhaps the wise part as well. I am getting brash in my old age. Wise.

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    Well...a wise guy tends to be a smart ass..hence the Dr. Smart Ass thing :P I keep doing a double-take when I look at your location. My family's from New Brunswick...Canada.

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