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Thread: New Facelift for CareCure Forums

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    I need to do a well structured trial before I can fully determine the effectiveness of the improved functionality of this site. I'll let you know in 5 to 7 years if you should keep the facelift . (Please note the sarcasm)

    When I first logged in today, I logged back out because I hate menus that pop-up because of the onMouseOver event(edit: I noticed this is only after the initial onClick event in the tabs at the top of the page) I logged back in and checked the option to have the old interface. But, I have no use of my hands and avoid using the mouse at all costs(I use the MouseKeys accessibility option). I always click the "New Since Your Last Visit" search function, and it's a lot easier to hit than the little globe you discussed in another topic(if I'm remembering my short visit correctly). I did like the new interface and my only complaints shouldn't be a problem in a few short years when I regain functionality. (Please note the lack of sarcasm)

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    It is a good idea to increase the size of that globe. It is too small anyway. Unfortunately, it is one of their default images (breadcrumb) in the template and I would have to download, change, and upload the entire stylesheet of the site to change it. I will ask if Jeff can do this.

    In the meantime, I will put text links to "posts since your last visit" and "today's active topics" in the text at the top. I hope that this is easier.

    Regarding the menus, you are right that there is no easy way to utilize most of the tabs without a mouse. I will keep working on figuring out a way around that.


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    When you found the font size to be too big, I had them set to an absolute size. I have now set both the small and big font sizes of the site to 100% of whatever you have set them for on your browser. I hope that this reduces the size of the fonts on your browser. It should not be going off the page, for most of the pages. Let me know if I should reduce the size. I would also like to hear from others on the font size issue. Because I use a Mac, the font displays are different. Thanks.


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    I reduced the font size to 80%.

    Incidentally, for those of you who would prefer the old style, you can do so by logging out and then logging back in. When you log back in, there is a little box that asks whether you want to disable to new features. If you say so, it will show you the old interface.


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    Dr. Young, it looks great!

    As for the length of the site, why don't you put the online members to the right of the CareCure logo, that way you reduce some space?

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    Polett, I am very glad that you like it. Most of the comments have been positive and I think that we will continue to tweak the site. We are currently using the default template that infopop provides and will need to spend some time and work tweaking it. It is a very complex interface that is actually customized to every user that logs in. So for example, as an administrator (and the moderators as well) see additional tabs and information. So, it will take some time to understand and to change this interface.


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    Mac OS

    Well, I am not rich enough to buy a new Mac yet with any version of OS X, so using both the older Mac and older OS that I have access two (one is running 8.6, the other 9.0) and IE I cannot see the new features. It also is VERY slow to load every page...perhaps because it has to convert each page from the newer format to the older one????


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    KLD, it may simply be that the site is a little slower these days and that it is not your system or browser. Perhaps I can liberate a computer for you. They are not so expensive these days. For example, you can now get an iMac with G4 processor that can run OSX for about $1600 these days. This should be more than fast enough to render this site. The limitation is not computer but internet transfer speed. I recommend that you upgrade to OS 9.2 at least and download the latest version of internet explorer. OSX can also be installed on most Macs (unless your computers are 10 years older or more). I have been monitoring the site using both the new and old interface and find that it is not that much slower or faster. Wise.

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    Am I the only one who really misses the "next" and "previous" links at the TOP of the page? When scrolling up (in order to read replies in order) this is where you naturally end. It is irritating to then have to scroll back to the bottom of the bag to get to the only "next" and "previous" links. Is this fixable?

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    KLD, i use my keyboard to scroll etc ., using the arrows to go up and down and under the old site i used ''home'' to go to top of the page to hit ''next/previous topic '' . now i hit ''end'' to take me to the bottom of the page .

    thank you

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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