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Thread: New Facelift for CareCure Forums

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    New Facelift for CareCure Forums

    I am giving the CareCure community a little warning of what will happen tomorrow. You will come to the site tomorrow and find that it has had a facelift. The new appearance of the site may require a little tweaking of your font sizes, etc. but it includes several new features that should improve navigation and use of the site.

    1. Tabs. When you are viewing the forums, all the familiar tasks of the site will be available in a set of tabs on the top. These include posting new topic (New), searching keywords (Find), changing your preferences and personal special tasks(My Space), notifying you when a response has occurred (Notify), emailing or printing a topic (Tools), replaying to a topic (Reply), or a quick reply to the topic is now possible just by clicking a tab when you are viewing a topic.

    2. Post a topic to any forum from any place in the site. When you press the [New] tab, it will allow you to post to any forum that you select.

    3. My Space. Many of you may have been confused by the Popit! functions. The MyPop functions have now been consolidated under the tab called "My Space". With a single dropdown menu when you press the [My Space] tab, you can select options that will show you all the topics that you have chosen to be notified by email or on your Popit page, as well as private topics, etc.

    Most of the other features of the site are more or less similar. For example, there is still Private Topics, Contacts, Profile, Polls, etc. However, there is a new addition called private poll in which you can ask a limited number of people what they think... and have them vote.

    I will be turning on these features late tonight when traffic slackens a little.


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    Sounds Cool

    Thanks Dr Young

    ... ...

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    Sounds good!!!


    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    Please let us know if the new interface is working and whether you prefer it. I have set up the options such that if your browser cannot handle the new styles, it will default back to the old style.

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    This is fabulous. I think it is much more user friendly and presents very well. It seems to be working fine for me.


    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    wow, looks really good !

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    I would be particularly interested to get opinions on the whether people who have limited hand mobility find the new tabs easier to work and whether the site works for people using voice command. Thanks.

    In my perusals of the site, it does significantly reduce the number of mouse clicks necessary to get around, once you get use to it. I particularly like the fact that it pops up a new window instead of rewriting the entire topic in an old window. This saves quite a bit of download time.

    The design of the new topic tab also reduces the opportunity for people to create new polls when they intend to create new topics. Having that choice instead of a button is very helpful. Likewise, I like the way My Space is now organized. Finally, it is easier to create notifications of responses on the site, either by email or to your My Space.

    The site looks much less cluttered now. On the other hand, the increased spacing between the lines really makes the site much longer (at least the front page) so that people have to scroll down a long ways to get to the forums on the bottom. Incidentally, I deliberately chose to use large fonts so that the targets for mousing would be larger.


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    Big font is too big for the screen. It is not very convenient to have to change my browser font size just for this site, when I need it larger for most other sites.

    I also find it inconvenient to have the only "next/previous" tab all the way at the bottom of the page.

    Otherwise, it seems better, esp. the speed and ease of writing responses. Will have to play with it a little more.


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    I can, for the time being, reduce the font size... I too don't like the sprawling size of the site. I can set the font by percentage as well (of the percentage that you set on the browser) but, for some reason, that resulted in tiny fonts that I could not increase. I will try it for a few hours. Wise.

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    For some reason, when I set the small font size to 70% and the large font size to 90% of the preferred size set by the browser, the Forum name fonts are tiny (at least on my browser). Let me play around with that some more and see if we can get right. Wise.

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