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Thread: Upgrading Dragon NaturallySpeaking to version 7

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    Upgrading Dragon NaturallySpeaking to version 7

    Has anyone out there upgraded Dragon from version 6 to version 7? Any big improvements with accuracy or stability? Any problems with the upgrade? I am using version 6 and considering making the upgrade.

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    Make the upgrade!!

    I am currently using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Version 7. I have used to version 5 and version 6. The improvements in accuracy, speed , and bug fixes make this very much a worthwhile upgrade.

    Here is a link to Dragon NaturallySpeaking's online forum:

    There are some great discussions about the new version, but just remember that many people go to the forum for help and the bugs talked about are warranted but minor.

    Bottom line, if you use Dragon already, you should have no reason not to upgrade. For us, it is a must to have the best of what can make our life easier.

    Check out the forum if you have not already, it's a great resource.

    Just make sure you read information related to your version. From what I have read, the professional version differs greatly from the preferred and other versions, in that there seems to be fewer bugs in the professional version, not to mention there is more support by ScanSoft to a release fixes.

    Being disabled, I would recommend the professional version because it allows you to create sophisticated commands that make life a lot easier. I have able-bodied friends who are jealous how easy I make my computer experience.


    Link fixed.

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