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Thread: Chatroom login problem

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    Chatroom login problem

    Everytime i try logging in, it says incorrect username/password. My user name is Shawn and password = *****. Please assist.

    [Shawn, I have deleted your password so that nobody else can use it. I just tried your password and also the first-time user password "cure" to get into the Chatroom but neither one got me in. This suggests that you have logged in at least once and then changed the password to something else besides your password or "cure". I will ask Jeff to switch your password back to cure, if possible, so that you can log in.]

    [This message was edited by Wise Young on Jan 08, 2003 at 06:35 PM.]

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    have you logged into chatroom before ? if not use '' cure '' for password to get in , than change password once in . if you have you could try logging in using a different username and ''cure'' then change them once in .

    hope this helps/works

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    I wanted to chat with Wise today and couldn't get in. I tried Netscape and IE under different profiles(I'm running Win2K Pro) to no avail. I've never been in the chatroom(used cure as my password) and even went as far as creating a new profile in an attempt to get in. No matter what I do, my username and password are invalid.

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    Shawn - I was able to log in fine using Shawn/cure. Maybe, give that another try. It works for me.

    cjo - Try cjo/cure now. I think it will work now.

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    Thanks Jeff!

    Do you mind me asking the problem?

    Thanks again.

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