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Thread: How do you type (for quads)

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    Stick a pen or pencil between my right pointer and middle knuckle area and use my left thumb nail. Hunt and peck typing.

    Got the dragon dictate....never seems to work for me. Any suggestions?

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    I just my thumb as well. And stickey keys for shift, etc. It works well. I'm getting Dragon, but not sure how much I'll use it.

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    I use a pen or marker (preferably a Sharpie) in my right hand between my middle & ring fingers and hit shift with my left thumb. I can type pretty fast once I get into a groove. I probably type around 30wpm, which is fast for not using all my fingers, I guess. I knew how to type pre-SCI (was never very fast) so it helped that I knew where all the letters were. I sometimes use Sticky Keys if I'm holding the phone or eating.


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    A mouthstick or Dragon. By the way how many of you use mouthsticks?

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    universal bracelet (the floppy material kind) stuffed with a pencil or rod, and i pop on a white rubber tip (made for mouthsticks) so as not to turn the keyboard pink. and of course Dragon for lengthy compositions.

    Kensington expert mouse is key, too. there's also this set-up, which is most effeicient for quads...

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    Originally posted by Sharon:

    A mouthstick or Dragon. By the way how many of you use mouthsticks?
    I did for a few months out of desperation dealing with a program that was incompatible w/ my onscreen keyboard. It killed my neck.

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    The absolute best keyboard for quadriplegics.

    I don't know what kind of keyboards or mouse you guys use, but I am a quadriplegic and I think by far the best keyboard out there is the one with a touch pad built into it. As long as you can move your arm all you do is put your thumb on the pad and move it up or down. And to click all you do is tap your thumb on the pad it saves a lot of time and frustration. If you are interested here is the web site

    When you go to the web site you should see a picture that says mini touchpad keyboard. All you do is call the phone number provided and give them the order number. If you're a quadriplegic you should seriously think about purchasing this keyboard it's great. It really does help. I also use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6.0 between the keyboard and the NaturallySpeaking it makes using a computer almost like I normally used to do it.

    Oh yeah that keyboard works great on strategy videogames.

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    If you can provide me with some information about your PC, I might be able to make some suggestions regarding Dragon.


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    I used to use a pencil wedged between the knuckles of my right hand and press on the space bar with my left hand. Now that voice dictation (dragons speak version 6) works relatively well, and I use it almost exclusively.

    I attributed the success of dragons speak to the evolution of voice recognition software packages and the introduction of DDR memory. I first tried using dragons speak on a Intel 4, 1.8 MHz with a half a gigabyte of DDR. I was suitably impressed and purchased my own copy for $150, which I am currently running on a Pentium 4 2.2 MHz with 1 GB of DDR memory. It worked fine with half of that.

    I have found a remarkable success rate when dictating into Microsoft Word rather than any other program. So I dictating into word and then copy and pasted with my Kensington trackball into wherever I want to. I do this approximately 70 percent of the time. You still need to do some corrections and editing but it's much more efficient and less trouble on my joints and muscles than physically typing .

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    If I have problems with Dragon, I usually disconnect the headset and then plug it back again. Sometimes I shut down my firewall, Zone Alarm, which is currently running along with the Norton 2002 antivirus. Sometimes system resources can be an issue and I try to keep my resources between 84 percent or 93 percent free, but the firewall and router use up the system resources and when I started my PC I was at 84 percent. Right now I am dictating into Microsoft Word and understand that sometimes it is necessary to go back to make corrections.

    If you are using Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition, you can increase your memory to 256 MB and I would advise against going up to 512 MB. Microsoft with its newest operating system XP can probably handle 4 GB of RAM.


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