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Thread: Beware of a scam...people buying items from this site.

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    Beware of a scam...people buying items from this site.

    I have some wheelchair tie-downs sale. A person answered to my email stating someone owed them $2500. They wanted to send me a cashiers check for $2500 which I would cash and take out my $50. Then their "shipping agent" would contact me to pick up the tie downs and the $2450. A week or 2 later I'm sure the check would turn out to be bogus and I'd owe $2500.


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    Either: take their "cashiers check" to your bank and have them verify it, or tell the interested party you will ship when the funds clear your bank. Two easy safe ways of conducting business. It could be a scam, then again, maybe not.

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    Originally posted by chasb:

    Either: take their "cashiers check" to your bank and have them verify it, or tell the interested party you will ship when the funds clear your bank. Two easy safe ways of conducting business. It could be a scam, then again, maybe not.
    no good, be careful...
    many people have been scammed doing what you recommend.
    the bank may in fact clear the check and release the funds, however if the check was a forged counterfeit check drawn on a legitimate account, it may take a couple weeks for them to realize this.
    and when that happens the bank will hold you accountable and freeze your funds..
    thats why the scam works so well, the checks actually clear. this a a popular scam with all goods advertised via the internet nowdays,

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    I deal with B of A. If you bank with a better bank, you get better service/ results. btw- "clears your account" means the funds, not the check have been posted to your account. I realize there has been some problems with "cashiers checks". However, each check has a serial number, and is easily traced and verified to it authenticity. People get scammed because they get lazy and do not take the proper precautions, no matter how they get paid, and that includes ca$h.

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    Having worked in a bank for 20 + years any bank is obligated by federal law to verify
    the legitimacy of a cashiers check issued by their bank. As far as cashiers checks being forged or fake, you can check with issueing bank as to what their checks look like.

    If you ever call to place a stop payment on your personal account keep two things in mind.

    One: Is when giving the check number that you're placing stop on, always and I stress always read the numbers from the bottom left to right of the check not the number that appears in upper right corner that states check number. The legal number of any check is always indicated at bottom of check.

    Two: If you do place a stop payment on your check verify with your bank how long the stop will be enforced most banks in the United States only enforce their stop payment for 6 months after that time the check becomes a cashable check. Most customers never realize this and they'll issue a check to lets say a plumber. Let's say he does a bad job, you issue him a check, then you decide to place a stop on it. The plumber having had this happen to him before will hold the check for 6 months and whatca you know he has your money. Then ever six months you need to renew that stop. The reason the banks do this is because of the fees they can charge for each stop payment. This is not true for stops that you place on a range of checks that lets say may be blank. But if you lose a single check that is blank you still need to place it every 6 months or it might be to your benefit to place a range stop on the blank check and the check after it so that the stop is enforced for the life of the account plus most banks will not charge you for a range stop.

    The other thing that customers will take for granted is if they lose a blank check that they signed with a signature, that check is like finding lost money on the ground, all a person has to do is put an amount on it and the words cash on the payee line and go to a bank and cash it. There is no recourse the bank must honor it because of your signature and words cash and you can't place a stop on it either. It's what you call holder in due course.

    Always try to verify any new boxes of new checks that you receive to ensure that the numbers are running in order meaning if your last check you had left was check number 3875, you want to start your new order with 3876. Also check the other books that are in the box to ensure their in numerical order that will make it easir for you if if ever lose a box of checks. That you'll know what check number to start with when ordering your new checks.

    One last bit of advice when select a pin number for your Atm some people just can't understand how important it is not to select numbers such as your birth year, last four numbers of your social security number or your address or telephone number as these are the numbers that most crooks use first.

    I think thats it, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

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    I received the same email for the C2K I've got advertised on this board. This is definately a scam.

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    a neighbor got 5 999.99 money orders from a potential boarder, supposely for first month rent and to pay moving and storage fees on furniture from England. To make a long story short they were fake

    beware they are out there

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    For sure a scam!!! Was the person answering on your private email? Was it from this site? Don't fall for it!

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    WOOOPS, I didn't check the date on the first post before writing. Nonetheless, this type of think goes on all the time. Always be wise!

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    This is just a variation on the Nigerian Prince scam. They are out there in great numbers trying to get our hard earned money. Everyone needs to be really careful.

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