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Thread: New Survivor

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    Me too. But he'll never get the jury. He's probably gonna have a hissy fit at the reunion again. Ha ha!

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    I think you're right. I think Parvati is gonna win it. Sandra has my sympathies, but Parvati kind of grows on you. She's got my vote.
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    bump... Time for a new season

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    the gimp chick is smokin, when she pulled down her pants to show the fake leg and she just had panties on, i was like dammmmmmmmmmmm rep
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    Yea that made me laugh when she started to pull here pants down. I bet the guys standing around her were like OMG what is she doing.

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    How about that tribal council on Wednesday? Secret agent man indeed!

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    ex-TOP secret agent man...from 3 agencies...about as impressive as me havin 3 ex-wives

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