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Thread: Free Computers to non-profit groups

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    Free Computers to non-profit groups

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this

    I just received word that Gateway is donating up to 4,500 computers that were
    used in the Winter Olympic Games to non-profit organizations. Donations will
    be made sometime in April 2002, but you need to register.

    For more information and to register your group, visit

    Russ Byrd

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    We went to a conference called Circles of Life and they have a program for the handicap that they donate a computer 1) if you have a handicap 2) if you have a social worker 3) if money is an issue they will donate 4) you have to be taking college classes (computers) they also have a back up person if you run into a problem. This program is called "Wisconsin's Computer Recycling Program" Contact person is "Marilyn Reigstad" (608) 240-5237 email is or "Ann Bailey" (608)240-5236 email is Good Luck call them and see where you can go with this. This is a more one on one program .Help the little guy. Jenai

    i don't know what this means
    jeani heisz

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