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Thread: Computers:Q&A

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    I do eyes,ears, hearts, lungs, lines in, lines out, fluids in, fluids out, (usually all over my shoes),medications, P waves, QRS and T waves, chest tubes and the occasional vent and there is nothing that can ooze out of a person that bothers me. I write, I teach, cook and clean, and drive children everywhere on the planet. I have met Big Bird, Barney, Mickey Mouse and I make it a habit to pull Chuck-E-Cheeses tail. Paul, please don't make me go down the rabbit hole of the computer...I will end up having tea with weirdos and seeing the smile of an invisible cat...

    I love computer people and they fear me...

    Cheers, no really I will try...
    Can we see a movie instead??? ;-)

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    Hey PN if you have any computer questions u can email me. I will try (no promises) to answer them. I am fairly handy around a pc having built a few.

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    Breaking New Ground- Computers 101


    I followed your directions and you were right I was able to see what I had. I thought it would be complicated but of course it was not. Thanks for the directions. Always helps to get a little help from a friend...


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    Originally posted by PN:


    When your in school studying I'll be contacting you and so will others when we got stuck with some esoteric PC problem.

    lol, Paul. I don't think I'll be the one people get advice from, however, if they need an ugly graphic then I'm their girl

    Originally posted by Mary:
    Melissa, Hi nice to meet you.:-)

    Mary the almost nurse who is graduating in 8 weeks!!
    Hi Mary, the-almost-nurse, nice to meet you too. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. I wish I was 8 weeks away from mine.

    Melissa, the-girl-who-hasn't-been-able-to-start-college-yet-and-graduated-3-years-ago

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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    Originally posted by melliska:

    Melissa, the-girl-who-hasn't-been-able-to-start-college-yet-and-graduated-3-years-ago
    Don't feel bad, it took me 4 years to get started after high school. Half of my friends already had BAs or BSs.


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    Sometimes I think the older you get, the easier it becomes to be a student. I know that I did much better the second time, although I had way more fun the first time..but that was because...well never mind why that was. You are going there to study...(See me shaking my finger)LOL!

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    If my PC goes a little "buggy," and I cannot resolve the problem, I will take you up on your offer.



    I occasionally find PC tips, and tricks you may want to try and I will make sure that they are easy and perhaps fun. If you make it to California we can go to the movies!


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    Please pass the tidbits.....

    PN thanks, I will master this beast one day!! Hee hee....

    And I have every intention of making it to California. All by myself. I would love to go to the movies with you!

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    Fraid not mellyGator, it's more like:

    the-sweet-beautiful-funny-smart-nice-warm-sexy girl who lights me up.
    Now that's more like it.

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    Oh yeah, and don't kick my a$$ for callin you sweet, melly, ok? lol

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