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    Free File: Fast Defrag
    Free up memory and optimize how your system uses RAM and the swap-file.
    By Dan Mitchell

    Rogue programs are holding your system's memory hostage. The bandits came in, slapped your RAM around, took what they needed, and left the scene without so much as a "Thank you." Your RAM is so traumatized it has memory loss. It can't remember what was taken or how to get it back. This is pretty much what happens every time programs load up in memory. You close it, yet the memory isn't returned so other programs can use it. This grabby behavior can lead to slowdowns, buggy behavior, and system crashes. There are two ways to fix this problem: Reboot or download today's free file. Fast Defrag lets you see how your machine is using physical and virtual memory and shows stats about how hard your processor is working. 1. Click the Clean button to start the defrag process. 2.

    Fast Defrag will free up memory from applications no longer in use and optimize how running programs use RAM.Other options give you control over how Windows uses the swap file. RAM is faster than your hard drive. (Data moves faster in RAM.) You can tell Windows to completely use all available RAM before going to the swap file. Use the "Memory Guardian" to automatically maintain your system over long periods of time. Windows 9x and ME users will find this utility especially useful.

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    PN, I read your comments regarding freeing up system resources. I have had a look around to try and understand what all the checked boxes do. Could you offer some explanation or recommend a book/website that would help.

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    But I won't back down"
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    Can you let me know which version of Windows you are running on your PC? If possible can you run the program below and e-mail me the results. I will also provide you with information regarding system resources.


    The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.

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    Explaining System Resources

    Here's how to find out how much memory you have left.
    1. Right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
    2. Go to the Performance tab and look at the percentage next to System Resources.

    When you turn your computer on and you believe that the system resources are too low, then you can change what programs will start when you turn on your computer. When I turned my computer on my system resources are almost always in the low 90s. If you have a lot of programs, in "startup," and then go to "start," "run," and type msconfig "click OK," "click the startup tab," and then maximize. If you are running Windows 98 or Windows millennium edition, you can uncheck everything except "system tray," "Explorer," and do not uncheck your antivirus or firewall. A computer will run better if your system resources are higher rather than lower.

    As far as recommending a book, are you looking for something that has to do with computers in general or something more specific?

    The link below will provide you with a more detailed definition of "System Resources."


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    File Transfer Protocol

    Hi PN, Jeff & everybody

    I need your help...

    I got 5Gb of webspace with my provider & I need to post some pictures of items to trade on E-bay...If I'll be able to post link to my pics -it would save me some money with e-bay..

    I have MS Frontpage (really don't know how to put pics there), but my main problem that my provider demands File Transfer Protocol???

    Forgive me -illiterate peasant


    Would you mind explaining how to put pics in FrontPage, then how divide pages & then how to transfer them to website

    Where can I obtain those Protocols (peferably free)

    My provider does not help

    Tanx in advance

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    :cracks neck:

    Let's get down to work. A protocol is just a standard set of rules for something to follow. What you want is called an FTP client, such as CuteFTP. It's not free, but there is a time limited trial available.

    Install CuteFTP and load it. A Wizard may startup asking you about your FTP details; if not, click the Wizard button. [I'm using v4.2, for what it's worth]

    The first step is Choose your ISP. Do that and click Next [or hit Enter].

    Next enter a label for the account. "My web site" or whatever works for you. Click next [or Enter].

    Now it's time for the FTP Host address. You should have this, but I would think yours would be "", without the quotes. Again, click Next.

    Enter your username and password and guess what? Yep, click Next.

    For Default Local Directory, click Browse and locate the folder where your web files are located. Next.

    The next screen is the Finish screen. If you will only be using the program for uploading/updating your site, click Connect to this site automatically and then Finish.

    You will now be connected to the FTP site and you can start uploading your images. To do that, choose the file you want to upload in the left window pane and then click Transfer on the menu and Upload on the drop-down list.

    That's FTP for you.


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    Thanks Steven-Even

    I'm going to try...

    I feel so stupid when it comes to computers

    How to divide pages with pictures in Front page?

    And what soft I need to edit pics-make them smaller or bigger?

    One of my friends gave me 5 boxes of Life magazines from 50-60...Its a gold mine on Ebay!

    Wish me luck!

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