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    PN is my GIGABYTE GURU....Im very proud...sniff.....

    ...and she lived happily ever after...

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    Hello Dogger:

    I was glad to read that you were able to defrag your hard drive in "safe mode". In the future, I would recommend that you do your scan disk and defrag in "safe mode" to avoid any further conflicts with programs or drivers that are running in the background!


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    This is a free Pop-up Killer because people in wheelchairs do not have a lot of money.

    According to Leo Laporte of the "Screensavers," Mozilla 1.3 also has a Pop-up Killer in its browser.

    Another Pop-up Killer!


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    Mozilla's great - I almost never see a popup. I use the OS/2 version, but all versions have it.

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    Gibson Research Corporation

    Another way to test your Internet Security



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    Alan, I agree with you about Mozzila and I will be upgrading to the l.3a version. I think AOL invented the pop-up and I don't know if there are any pop-up killers that can get rid of it.

    The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.

    After I received my results, I copied and then I pasted it into my Microsoft Word.


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    I currently use a Polycom speakerphone after giving up trying to figure out how to telephone using the computer and my voice recognition microphone.

    Does anyone using their computer to telephone without using a headset?

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    I am using the Polycom ViaVideo for videoconferencing. I will call Polycom tomorrow because I am not familiar with their speakerphone. I have a high-speed Internet connection and using a headset coupled with Yahoo Instant Messenger, I can talk with others over the Internet using the voice option. Yahoo Instant Messenger also has a WebCam option and I am impressed with the results. Using Yahoo, there is no charge for talking or videoconferencing over the Internet.

    I would think that you could eliminate the headset by using a freestanding microphone and allow the audio to come through the speakers. I do recall that some people use their telephone along with their WebCam to videoconference.

    Polycom seems to have excellent tech support and you may want to give them a call.


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    my niece was playing on my computer anyhow afterwards the icons when i first turn comp on are too large to all be on screen.

    i have some cheap games that do lock up comp sometimes and am not sure if niece changed some settings or a game caused this?

    anyhow i noticed my moniter in lower right corner of screen changed settings above 640 pixels now icons fit on screen but moniter icon still is in lower right corner why?

    if i click ctrl+alt+del it shows rundll if i close it moniter goes away. any suggestions?


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    I called Polycom this morning and I found out that the speakerphone (retails for about $500) is not designed to work with a computer.



    I understand what you are saying about an icon that is now in the "system tray" and it wasn't there before until your niece started playing on your computer and now you cannot get rid of the "monitor icon." If you have the time, I need to now what operating system you are using. If possible, can you run the Belarc Adviser and then e-mail me the results. Perhaps, you can also include your phone number and we can resolve this issue in about 10 minutes. I'll pay for the long distance call. By the way, the three-finger salute (Ctrl Alt-Del) was a good idea.


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