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Thread: Mafia Wars

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    Talking Mafia Wars

    anyone have tips to level up faster in Mafia Wars? (Facebook app)

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    No but have you tried farm town

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riaan View Post
    No but have you tried farm town
    Ugh...I hate farm town. Somehow all of the sudden I had a farm...I did not sign up for one or anything...nor do I have time for a farm. Apparently though...lots of people like that application, judging from the number of farm town requests I have received.
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    hehe I din try farm town app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weimin View Post
    anyone have tips to level up faster in Mafia Wars? (Facebook app)

    I started playing Mafia about a month ago. I ignored it for a long time but a lot of people added me as part of their Mafia families. I became curious why people were so addicted to the game and then became addicted. Because I already had many mafia members (over 430) when I started, it was just a matter of earning money, arming my mafia family to improve my defense so that people could not kill or rob me, doing jobs to get experience points, increasing my energy capacity to do more jobs.

    I suggest the following:
    Use "Mafia Favors". This feature sometimes appears when you are on the home page (it replace the window on the middle right that tells you to improve yourself) When it appears, it announces activities of your mafia family that you can "help" them with. You can gain many experience points and some money along the way. Nobody knows how and when it appears. However, when it appears, take advantage of it.
    Increase your energy capacity. Energy is the main limitation on everything that you can do. I spent all my points in the beginning increasing my energy so that when I am away from the game for more than 24 hours, I don't lose any of the energy that can accumulate. You gain 20 energy points an hour. If you play once a day, you can collect 480 energy points during the time when you don't play. It allows you to do a lot more jobs.
    Avoid fights. They don't earn you very much except for the enmity of those whom you attack. For the first two weeks, I cruised along making money and doing jobs, until somebody attacked and robbed me. I wasted a week of time, money, and points building up my defense and attack capabilities. I tried attacking and robbing. It wasn't worth it. I just ended up being attacked and robbed back.
    Recruit and arm your Mafia. I was lucky in that I had many people who had already asked me to be on their Mafia before I really started playing. I already had 430 members (out of a possible 500). I spend all my spare money arming them with items with the highest attack and defense capabilities, i.e. 300 chain guns and 300 full body armor. This increases your attack and defense capability.

    I am sure that I will tire of this game but, in the meantime, I play it between posting on carecure.


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    Hi Dr Wise!

    Thanks for the detailed advice!

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    this mafia war does it cost to play other than time ofcourse and how do you get to the website?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver69 View Post
    this mafia war does it cost to play other than time ofcourse and how do you get to the website?

    It is a free app from Facebook and you can access it at this link:

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    I think I'm gonna have to quit facebook??? Mafia Wars takin' waaay too much time

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    Farm Town takes away least three hours of my day everyday. But it gives me something to do. I've never got into Mafia wars. It disappeared on and I can get to it now. Oh well, between farm town and Farmville, I'm addicted just enough to take up almost all day besides being here. That alone takes two or three hours. LOL. But it's worth every minute so long as I'm helping someone out.
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