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Thread: voice recognition software

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    voice recognition software

    (typed by melissa's mom)

    hi everybody, i figured i could get some help in this forum but i'm going to post it in care also.

    i want to ask everyone if they have any suggestions on types of voice software.

    as everyone can see, my mom is having to type my posts and that is the reason why i'm asking this question.

    i'm having a lot of trouble with my wrist, which is essentially keeping me from typing anything. i'm having shooting pain up into my forearm and a lot of pain in my wrist.

    i'm hoping it's nothing serious but i don't want to chance aggravating it by typing. (i haven't been able to type any emails in two or three weeks. sorry everybody who is waiting for me to reply to them.)

    that is why i'm going to be getting some voice recognition software. i knew there were people here who have to use it all the time so i figured i could get some help on finding something that works well. i never wanted to use it because typing has always been something that i could do on my own, but i'm really afraid of permanently injuring my wrist.

    i'd really appreciate any suggestions or comments on any kind of voice software. i've never purchased anything like this so i'm kind of lost. (ok, so i'm REALLY lost. lol)

    thanks guys, melissa

    on a side note, i was wondering if anyone here has ever had carpel tunnel surgery? my aunt had it done and she told me that before her surgery she had pain like i described to her. i really hope that i don't have it but i thought i would ask if any of you have ever been diagnosed with it. thanks again.

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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    I've used L&H voice Express, and it seemed pretty cool. It does take a while to 'train' the software, but it seems like a good alternative if typing is difficult. Of course, Dragon Dictate has been around a while, and a lot of people swear by it.


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    Via Voice

    Hey Melissa,
    Happy New Year girl! I use Via Voice and I have had fairly good success with it. My voice quality fluctuates due to my respiratory issues and Via was the most consistant for me. I HATE Dragon Dictate and found it grueling...Steven Edwards may have other opinions. I use Via Voice in combination with a roller ball mouse. This saves a lot on time as my left hand still works ok.

    I had the carpal tunnel surgery when I had the elbow done in October Melissa. It was my second carpal tunnel surgery but this one was form a bad injury. The first surgery was done with an orthoscope and was a breeze to recover from.This time I had a long incision, many complications and a poor result. Again, I stress that it was from the injury.

    A word of advice, don't let anyone but an orthopod who specializes in hand surgery do it for you. I had one of the top guys in the country do mine.

    Take care and be in touch when you can. I'll send you an email when I can. Be well and hang tight!

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    Oh Boy! Does this sound familiar... I know all about the pain in the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery, Dragon voice recognition and the rest of the "enchilada."

    Let's start off with the Dragon voice recognition. I am using Dragon Voice Recognition 5.0 Preferred. Your computer should be a Pentium III processor because Pentium is optimized for voice recognition. You should have, at least 128 MB of RAM, 256 MB of RAM would be preferable. Do not run the Norton antivirus software with Dragon! If you are planning on using or upgrading to Microsoft's new operating system, XP, then you may have to purchase IBM Via Voice instead of Dragon.

    I strongly recommend that you keep your system resources, at least eighty percent free if not higher, when you start your computer. You do not want to be running a lot of programs in the background when using voice recognition. I can do almost everything with voice recognition except I don't know how to "surf the net." :-)

    It is possible to train Dragon in 20 minutes, but there are a lot of little things that you need to be aware of i.e. microphone connections have to be secure.

    Melissa, if you would like more information about my experience with pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, feel free, to e-mail me or I can post on this site.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Mel,
    If you haven't tried it yet, try wearing a wrist brace for awhile...especially when you type.

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    Hey Cheesecake

    Cheesecake: I was wondering if you ever tried Cortisone for your Carpal Tunnel problem? If you didn't try Cortisone, why not?


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    TO PN re: Cortisone

    My first surgery I tried cortisone and it was successful on one wrist and not the other so I had the surgery. I took 3 injections before having the surgery in 1992.

    This time around, I was assaulted and suffered a triple crush injury to my thumb, wrist (carpal tunnel) and elbow. I also stretched/tore the brachial plexus in my dominate arm. Today is 7 monts since the assault and in October I had an open carpal tunnel as well as a submuscular ulnae nerver transposition. I have had 3 injections on the thumb and will have surgery on it next.

    I didn't jump into the surgery but the EMG's were so abnormal and I developed hand/shoulder syndrome with RSD that I proceeded with the surgery. The elbow has frozen and I am in a dynasplint. The surgery was worth it but has not been very successful due to the brachial plexus messing up the radial, ulnar and medial nerves. I am exploring decompression on the brachial nerve and or blocks to see if I regain function.

    The whole process has left me unable to walk using my platform crutches or to use my chair. It has been rough.

    To anyone else with carpal tunnel &/or ulnar nerve problems I STRONGLY suggest splints, steroid injections, anti-imflammatory meds and as a last resort surgery.

    Unfortunately, my cause of problem did not allow for this option.I must stree that this route did prevent surgery on left hand.

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    I vote for Via Voice

    ViaVoice kicks!

    I write a lot, and do some freelancing for a "character" that I'm not allowed to talk about ... but when I am writing for that character, I find it a lot easier to speak in that character's voice, and then converting it into script format, rather than just writing the script.

    Unfortunately, when I upgraded to XP, I couldn't find the disk!

    Now XP DOES come with voice recognition ... but it bites. I am going to turn it on now and, though I have gone through five training sessions, I am going to say, "Voice recognition with WIndows XP is the coolest thing in the Universe."

    Starting ... now:

    the loss extra is silly until verse

    WOW! Is that ever ACCURATE!!

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    (typed by melissa's mom)

    thanks scorpion, b, pn, monte, and dabobber.

    thanks for the recommendations and comments about the different types of software. i really need to figure out which kind i want so that i can get back to typing as soon as possible.

    PN, thanks for the system requirements. i had no clue what i would need to run the voice software. i am planning on trying to get the vocational rehab here to buy me a computer that has everything i need so that i can start taking college classes online. fat chance of that though, huh. lol

    B and PN, i would love to email you both but i don't have anyone with enough free time to help me with that much typing. if anyone has the chance though, i'll try to write to you both.

    Monte, a wrist brace is a good idea. my mom got me a carpel tunnel brace, but it didn't keep my wrist in the right position so my wrist hurt the same as without it. i did have some old braces from rehab that might have worked but i don't have them anymore. i need to get to the doctor to see if he has any suggestions. (but i don't know if he'll have any ideas because i'm probably not his typical patient)

    well i have to wrap this up so i'll just say thanks again for all your help. i'll have to post in my thread in the care forum another time.

    thanks, melissa

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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    hand splint

    Have your doc write a script and let your OT make the hand orthotic for you. Seems that mine are being remolded weekly! The good part is that they can be heated and positioning changed to fit your needs. Can't hurt to ask You said you had a kick a$$ OT.

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