Hi folks,
some of you will remember me Im sure. I haven't been here in a while, but once again I need some advice. My husband c3/4 inc is insisting on driving again, has had 3 accidents, refuses to be evaluated to see if some modifications might make him safer. He has become impossible to live with, angry sullen, tells me i am in the way of his routine, hates it when im gone hates it when im here

Anyway long story short, in July i started to live my life again. With his encouragement have made an offer on a home in our old home town, 3 hrs from here. Working, have been considering dating, basically, i am learning to live a life again.

I would have stayed with him forever, but he just can't come to terms with his injury which has now been almost 6 years ago. He refuses to leave the house unless it is by his terms, nothing to make his life easier, no mobility aids, pees his pants now rather than experiment with or stay on meds that seemed to work for him. I can no longer live like this.

So why am I here today. I guess I want some advice on how to separate. I had intended to lead a dual life, coming here to help him every other week or so, but now, I just want out. I can't deal with his self pity, all about me, poor me attitude any more. I know his life is incredibly inexplicably hard. But it isn't my fault. OK... so maybe this isn't the right place for any sympathy for me, but damn, i stuck by him when everyone else deserted him, and now he calls me the guard in his prison.

This is so incredibly sad. We just passed out 25th anniversary, pretty much un-observed. I don't even like him much anymore, I have lost all respect for him. He used to be the nicest guy in the world. Now he is the most selfish person I ever met.

Any comments are welcome.