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Thread: Hysterectomy and colostomy

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    Hysterectomy and colostomy

    If a person is having a laprascopic colostomy surgery, would it be easy to do a hysterectomy at the same time?

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    two different dr's.

    My gf had her hysterectomy and a tummy tuck at the same time. Dr's consulted etc. You'd have to check w/ the docs.

    You may only want a partial hysterectomy too.
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    That is pretty extensive surgery and they may not want to do it all laporoscopically but you could ask.

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    I have been having the same thoughts as you. Why not do two surgeries at once? I am meeting with a general surgeon later this month to discuss a colostomy. I wouldn't be surprised if he recommended the deadly "open-surgery" versus laparoscopic surgery, hence why I might push for a hysterectomy.

    I hope you get what you want! Good luck with your surgery.


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    I wouldn't count on this one Shannon. Playing with bowel stuff has the potential to let lose a lot of bacteria. Most surgeons are game on dual surgeries but not when one concerns the bowel. And he's more likely to stick with the lap route that way too. Just a heads up. Had a friend who was AB have similiar ideas.
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    I asked my doc. He said it would be a possiblity, but we would have to postpone the colostomy surgery and I decided I didn't want to do that. Oh well.

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