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    What are the canadates positions towards esc research and the work towarfs getting it on the ballot? i emailed foresster and didnt get a response and he doesnt state a position on his website.

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    Corzine supports embryonic stem cell research. Forrester does not, at least not openly. My friend Fred Ferrari has written to him and has gotten no response. Trish Riccio has interacted with members of his staff and she says that they quickly retreated when they discovered that she support embryonic stem cell research.

    The New Jersey Jewish News described the various Republican candidate positions on a variety of issues including stem cells.
    The candidates were united in their support for stem-cell research as long as it didn't involve embryonic stem cells. DiGaetano pointed to his legislative record, which includes support for funding stem-cell research. He said he did not support acting Gov. Richard Codey's plan to foster more research, saying there are enough labs currently involved in such activity. Forrester stressed that the state's "bankruptcy" should prohibit any additional spending. Caliguire said he would favor gubernatorial appointments of "the best minds" on the issue to a state committee to set research guidelines.
    Forrester are not considered "pro-life" by the Prolife groups. He has previously said that he favors legal abortions in the first trimester (Source). They favored Schundler in the Republican primary.

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