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Thread: Flap surgery again

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    Flap surgery again

    Well I don't know if i would call it your normal flap surgery. I posted about 3 months back about my flap i had done.The one that was not right on the Ishim but located more toward the front. I had flap done they took muscle from my leg and did the flap that way i laid for about 7 weeks in a clinitron bed and from the beginning apart of the flap wasn't taking a little section about a nickel size the skin wouldn't adhere.So the Dr told me to get up for a bit because i was about to blow laying there was horrific with 2 kids and a husband. I was put on the vac for 6 weeks no help.I decided to tackle this one last time getting sick of the changing the vac dressing and well having a hole in my leg "groin area .. Well anyway I am 3 days shy of 2 weeks post and the Dr came today to look at me I'm still in the clinatron bed. He said it looks good the skin is mended what he did was go in and he said it was about 6 inch's deep so he started in the back and sewed hes way up to sew all the tissue together then sewed it closed my question is i have a drain in and i am getting about 50 cc in 24 hours. The Dr said he think i can start getting up for about 15 mins a day 3 times a day. I am so scared to get up even thou laying down is killing me.How long does everyone recommend and does anyone know how i can tell if its ready or if it will reopen or is this wound gone forever? This is what i feel like this thing is doing to me

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    I'm going through the same thing right now except the skin flap hasn't been done yet . Wow, 7 weeks. In 2003 I had a cyst that tunneled and created a decubitus ulcer. I was only in bed for 28 days on a clinitron mattress. Usually the dr will have you sit up in intervals and see how your skin (the flap) takes to it. I hear ya about being in bed for so long. In my opinion, the vac is a pain in the neck. I was using it and the dressing kept on falling off. Were you tested for osteomyelitis? Could that be a possibility why the flap isn't taking? I hope you feel better.

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    We would not be sitting you at this time. With a flap revision, we would wait at least 4 more weeks, and never sit while stitches or drains are still in place.


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    I hear what use are saying my concern is that i cant sit all day anymore i am going to get more health problems i am lying down now but my back hurts my lower stomach hurts cathing in bed it horrible and bowel programs. My flap wasn't the same kind of flap you guys are use to seeing i wish i could explain to you better sci nurse cause i really would like your option on this. it isn't on my but bone it is further up do you think i can sent you a picture of it some how private cause of the spot it is in its so confusing the second time i had the flap it really isn't a flap it was cutting of the skin and sewing up the tissue inside and then sewed the out side drainage is getting better and he is going to pull out the stitches today or tomorrow he makes house calls thank god for this Dr this has been a nightmare for me been through so many Dr before other Dr's took bone graphs and said no sign of osto but when this Dr did the second surgery he took a bone scraping and it did show a sign of past osto not present i was unaware of that no one told me so nice Dr's.

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    you might want to go to a foley while your healing, I had no intention of trying to cath laying down when I had my surgeries, but that's just me.

    plus I had other problems going on as well.

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    Hey Diane,

    Hope something is getting sorted out for you.

    I used a foley too when i had my wound.Lots easier to manage in bed

    Hang in there.
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