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Thread: need a job watching tv shows

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    need a job watching tv shows

    I just finished watching all 5 seasons of stargate atlantis on the internet this past week, That's a little over 100 45 minuet shows and they're all on one playlist on a chinese web site. It's pretty much one big long story. I wish I could find some way of making an income that would be compatible with my inability to be reliably productive. Someone brought to my attention being an organizer/secretary for realtors. Could do it from home, part time. I have spent my life wearing out my body being a machine in the oilfield and construction trades. Got my SCI in 1996...c5.6.7 incomplete walker... went to an A.S.S. degree in electronic tech. 2002 sci started affecting my arms so much I had to give up tech work and I got on disability. (plus most all elec tech jobs left usa) Have tried a few things but nothing panned out. Sure would like to find some type of income.

    Hope to find another sifi series to spend my time staring at.

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    Try Farscape. The first season is a little uneven, but then it picks up.

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