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Thread: Why do spiders create such dread in some people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imight View Post
    Lit one up earlier. huge freaking thing. Im at my comp, and I see this bad boy dropping from the ceiling right in front of me.

    grabbed a lighter *poof* watched it crawl away with only 3 legs. saw it later licking its wounds in the corner.

    I mean I usually leave daddy long legs alone because they do great justice in my house, but this grandaddy of them all long legs, was a little too close for comfort. had to remind the others they were working for me, all revolt would be squashed, U.S national guard style.

    everyones back to work now. they realized sticking to small insects was a better option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimD View Post
    Many people also have an irrational fear of snakes - perhaps there is an evolutionary adaptation in a majority of humans which produces an innate dread of venomous animals?
    A friend once posited the notion that there is some kind of ancestral memory at work. The idea being that at some point in our evolution we were small enough to be badly hurt by such creatures.

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    I don't know the answer but my sons dateing a girl now who when she moved up here, had a spidey on the shower curtin, She called the fire dept. They said it was for emergency only, she said " right, like I'm not going to hyperventyilateand keel over, you'll come out then?"
    They came out and got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    Why have insects evolved to create such fear amongst humans? Wouldn't tarantula's be better off if they don't provoke fear?
    The evolution of spiders has been going on for at least 300 million years, compared to us relative newcomer humans at a mere 7 million years old. Sure, humans are killing off the occasional ugly spider that dares to venture into our homes, but I'm sure modern insecticides and other neurotoxins are exerting much more evolutionary pressure than the rolled-up newspaper.

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    If you travel to Australia, watch out for this lil bastid!
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