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Thread: Wheelchair How To videos

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    Wheelchair How To videos

    I've put some videos together that show different ways to accomplish daily tasks from a wheelchair. I hope they help some folks:
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    Really well done Greg

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    Those videos should be helpful for the newly injured or rehab professionals.

    I'm injured 38 years, but I feel like a newbie because I'm looking to get my first power wheelchair and van.

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    Very nicely done!

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    Really nice Greg! There are some things that are getting harder and harder to do as I am going from a para to a quad due to M.S. thanks for the help!! It definately will save me hours and dollars!!!
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    Great job Greg. Thank you!!

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    Sweet! I've found that videos on youtube (for example) were more useful in teaching certain techniques than waiting for the hospital staff to teach it.

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    'Nother vote for Greg! Good info, well told! - fw

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