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Thread: My wedding!

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    My wedding!

    Hey all, I just got married on August 22 and I wanted to post some pics of my wedding. We went on a cruise to Bermuda for a honeymoon on Norwegian Cruise Line. I would highly recommend both Norwegian and going to Bermuda. Everything was very accessible and we had a great time.

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    Congrats. A toast to you and your new bride. Best of luck to the both of you.
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    Congrats DMann! Looks like a great day, and a future with a beautiful bride.
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    Great stuff Dman. Congratulations. Love the pictures, you're both photogenic and the happiness shows
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    Oh such happiness and beautiful pictures!!!!!

    Congratulations. You both look truly happy. I love the pictures where the bride is on your lap....such love between the two of you.

    May you both have many years of happiness!!!!!
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    Congrats! Looks like you guys had a good time.


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    Hey Dmann,
    Congratulations. I wish you both many, many happy years together. Hope your marriage is also a healthy,wealthy & prosperous one also. You to are very photogenic & I can tell from the pictures that you both are very happy.

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    How awesome for you both! Congrats and may you have a long happy life together!
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    WOW!!!! Do you guys look perfect and happy together or what!!! Congratulations on a Happy future!!
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    So much happiness to share at CC lately ... it's wonderful .... you both look so happy ... Mazel tov and a wish for many years together !!!

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