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Thread: magnetic mattress

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    6 have not stolen the thread....I am glad I asked the question on magnetic matress...otherwise i would never have seen that video of your son doing that jump...very brave guy!!!

    personnally I think in any treatment there are risks..when I ended up in A and E and they discovered the tumour on my spine..the surgeon... a blunt speaking guy..said to me who i had never met previously..I had two choices one radiotherapy and the other surgery...I had lost the use of my legs and was doped up on morphine...scared out of my mind completely on my own and no one to advise me...and all I could say was your the expert...I got surgery...having learnt so much about sci now and if I had more time maybe I would have given a different answer..but he wanted the tumour off my spine as basically it was strangling it.

    The other day a friend of mine who has a son of 14 who has been waiting for a kidney transplant for him, finally a kidney donor came up...she had to take a risk and decide to go for that operation, and pray he would not reject it..otherwise without the op his quality of life would deteriate.

    while we would all want a miracle cure..without trying different therapies, treatments etc then we would never have any advance in medicine.

    Life is all about taken risks..if you win you will be happy..if you loose you will be wise.

    I would like to thank everyone for their information on magnetic treatments...and if I can afford a magnetic mattress..then I shall try it..nothing ventured...nothing gained.

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    6 shooter

    I am glad you DID comment on the magnetic MME. I hope we never stop getting input about whatever method. I may have overstated my case. While I am more than thrilled your son got better (I am C5-6 also), I lament that I did not.

    I hope lots of people post lots of suggestions. That is what helps the most.

    Do not feel anything you said should not have been said. It is just that the responses, while challenging, are the nature of things.

    Your son's pain does shound like neuropathic pain, but since it did not follow the course of neuropathic pain, we don't know. Your impression would be that the course was aborted because of the MME. I realize the MME is 3000-5000 gauss. I left off one zero in a temporary lapse. This is of course still well below the level of an MRI machine, which runs 20,000 and up. I dont know how many gauss was applied in my transcranial DC current experience, but you have me wondering.

    Typically, if your son were going to get Central Pain, it would have usually appeared when his motor/sensory function was recovering. It is a paradox. In others it comes on slowly and a few have it right off after an SCI, within hours. There are also those who have nothing for a year or years, and then it appears, probably because injured nerves are finally dying.

    Most of us with CP have been burned so badly, and tried so many things without anything really helping that we have to harden ourselves against chasing gooses, which we nearly all did when CP first appeared, because you think you cannot stand it .We mortgaged our houses, paid it to professionals, did not get better, and our family was ticked. So, now, after having been led down the primrose path, we will not be the first to sign on to anything new. We await more than a single instance of something advocated as a cure. That is what the responses to you mean. You would be the same if you had lost everything and came up empty handed.

    People thought leeches were good medicine clear up until the 1930's and there as no shortage of testimonials. They did not prove out in the long run. The double blind study would set up two groups, made up of the SAME type of patients, turn on the magnet for one, and make the other group THINK it was turned on, and then survey the results. The investigators would also not know which group actually got the magnetism, but the patient number with results would be sent to ANOTHER investigator who would analyze the data. That is why it is called double bline. Neither the patient, nor the investigator knows who actually got the active pill, the magnetic dose, the whatever. Double blind studies are required nowadays to get FDA approval for most things. When Bonlie does a double blind study, then it is time to pay attention. History is replete with things reported to help patients, which did not prove out on double blinding. A good example is amitriptyline. Used a lot. Failed the double blind study in Central Pain.

    Usually patients are paid for participating in double blind studies. When and if Bonlie decides to conduct a double blind test, I am sure he will have no trouble finding CP patients willing to give it a try if it is free. They will try ANYTHING.
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    While we are interested, no one with CP considers themselves on a par with back pain or diabetic neuropathy, any more than someone with an amputation considers themselves on a par with someone with a cut..

    Even if MME helps motor paralysis,, or your overuse pains, that is no evidence that it would do anything for central pain. You must make a distinction between "neuropathic" pain and central pain. Neuropathic pain is usually from injury to PERIPHERAL NERVES, while central neuropathic pain involves changes in the CENTRAL nervous system. Currently, there is evidence that the hard struggle for severed nerves in the CNS to regrow actually causes central pain, as the little sprouts seem to proliferate and that growth stimulating factors released by surrounding glial cells induce neuroinflammation, but there is nowhere for these sprouts to go. The nerve cells which subserve pain do something strange in CP, they begin to manufacture a FETAL ion channel which makes the cells hypersensitized, to the point where light touch causes pain. By comparison, in peripheral nerves, there is a sheath from the dead axon, where new nerve growth can find and resupply the original body area.

    We are not on a crusade to vindicate Bonlie. We are trying to survive daily agony. Crusades are for well people, not the very ill. Very ill people usualy have very little money. Your suggesting we send 25 dollars may miss the fact a CP patient is hoping to be able to afford the expensive meds. This sort of funding should be done by NIH or some foundation. How do we find the archtypical CP patient? Alan is a good candidate but he cannot travel--the touch of clothing and the muscle pain from movement is too much. You must sit and think for a minute what severe central pain is like. They may have to bring the magnet to Mohammed to really test it.

    I am not certain that a dentist would know how to positively identify central pain, since it can be tricky to sort out. The dentists at NIH pain research (ie. NIDCR) are extremely bright, but it is nearly impossible to get them to do anything clinically because they don't trust themselves to do that. Is Bonlie smarter than NIH dentists? Are any of the doctors working at MME centers board certified neurologists or others with pain fellowships behind them, or experienced with CP in post SCI rehab. If not, I question they could identify central pain accurately.

    Some of your statements, that you have found you must rest the part treated by MME in order for MME to work, make me wonder how much benefit mere rest itself might be contributing.

    As to the hypothesis that stem cells are drawn to the area to make new cells, by virtue of MME, there is always the opportunity for a biopsy to see if this is the case. Lab animals could be used. Stem cells are not difficult to spot. Under existing theory, the stem cells would need to do their work in the central nervous system, not out in the peripherae, but then again, who knows.

    There is great hope and growing evidence that stem cells can make a difference in motor and sensory recovery Whether they can be exploited for central pain relief remains to be seen. We surely hope so. I wish you the best if you do in fact go to China for stem cells. We will be hoping for the best and looking forward to your report.

    Your heart is in the right place. If all the public felt like you do, we would have the fundiing necessary to find a cure for central pain. More power to you.
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    Looks like MME is a hoax. This is another one of 6 Shooters threads. Here is information about this hoax ... "Dubious Claims for the Molecular Magnetic Energizer"

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    At 6 shooter's repeated request, I have removed his posts from this thread (and others). Please, no more personal attacks on 6 shooter. While you may disagree with 6 shooter, personal attacks on him and his motivation for posting, including questioning of whether he has a son with spinal cord injury, are neither appropriate nor welcome on Carecure. If you disagree with him, say what you disagree with but please refrain from personal attacks. We have removed at least one thread in which such attacks occurred. Thank you.


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    i agree with u totally. life itself is a risk ! if u ain't trying it out , then one is better off dead !

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