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Thread: I have to have surgery... how do I manage everything else??

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    Aggghhh ..... I can't frickin' believe it sieg ....

    I don't quite know what to say .. except no matter what ... do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself and let "them" take care of Don and only do what is safe for you to do !!! Cripes .......

    ... hopefully I'll get my wits about me and have something more useful to say later .....

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    I wonder if we should have an aide come in morning and evening for the first week.... What do you think??
    Absolutely! Lay it on the line to the discharge planner at the hospital about what needs to be done and put in place. Refuse to bring Don home until they make it happen.

    Is Don a veteran? Can you get VA respite care to give you a break?

    I am glad your surgery went well, hope things continue to improve for both of you.
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    Hi Guys...

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing well and that Don is also. A tough couple of weeks but we made it. Don survived in spite of being in the hospital... God... I literally hired our own nurse to keep an eye on him because they kept him overnite after the femur repair. The bed he was on was a disaster and so she had to turn him every 2 hours. The patient in the next room was psychotic and so Don came home with no sleep and spent the next couple days sleeping. As for me... my surgery went great and I'm back to my normal activities. We are scheduled to fly to San Francisco next week for one of my meetings and we are so looking forward to it!
    Thanks so much for the support. I love you guys!

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    Very glad to hear that you managed to get through it all. The hospital situation is the pits. Hospitalization is really a life threat around here for SCIs. Sadly, with all the healthcare reform talk, these kinds of issues are not being dealt with.

    Hope things continue to go well.

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