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Thread: Unexplained change in sensations

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    Unexplained change in sensations


    I had a fracture 3 years ago, compressing my spinal cord at T-8, which left me an incomplete paraplegic.

    A week ago, after doing some deep breathing exercises, I felt some "change in sensation" in my legs, accompanied by some tightness around my waist and my back at around T-8 (by the way, that tightness didn't last). I went to the emergency where a CT scan and MRI were done. Compared to previous ones, they showed no change: that is the good news.

    The emergency Dr sent me home and suggested that I wear a Jewett brace that I still had, waiting to see my Neurosurgeon who wasn't at the hospital during the weekend. I called his secretary on Tuesday (Monday was Labor day) and she said that she was going to show him the MRI and CT and get back to me: I am still waiting... and still wearing the brace. I am guessing that after noticing that the MRI and CT are OK, he doesn't consider me as an emergency(?!)

    My legs still feel "different", although I haven't lost my range of motion and I think that my sensation level is the same as before. Now just this morning, I started feeling a "tightness" all over my belly area.

    When I take off the brace for my shower, I immediately notice a change in the way my legs feel - more tone (?) - difficult to describe.

    On the other hand, I have noticed that spasticity has progressively increased in my legs for a few weeks now. Could that have caused the difference I am experiencing?

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    I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

    I had sudden increase in tightness, pain, and general spasticity last October. My breathing was noticably weaker too. I went to ER and they found nothing and sent me home. 2 days later I still felt bad and went to a better ER in Altanta. I had a pulmonary Embolysm that started in my legs, went through my heart (messing up s verntircle) and then lodged in my lungs. Oh how we laughed when we learned all this.....

    I am not suggesting this is what you have. Just suggesting the ER is as crap as the one we went to first time.....

    Good luck mate.

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