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Thread: 24/7 Care Scheduel? Anyone?

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    Right now I put Paul to bed every night. It takes me about 20 minutes too. I do turn him at night. I don't mind it because I go right back to bed so it's sort of like getting up for a pee at night anyway. But I do worry that with time I may get tired of it. Especially with age. I am 31. But I try to prepare myself for 41, 51 and so on. I know I cannot to it forever. Paul is over 6' tall and weighs 180lbs. I am 5'4" and 145lbs. It's hard on my body and I have only been doing this for a year!

    In canada we only get the basics covered. He does get his care every morning. But if I want them to come put him to bed then we have to schedule that at 7pm every night. I DONT THINK SO.

    So... I am just trying to plan things out before we get our settlement. And in the mean time I take excellent care of him.
    Is there a reason he needs to be turned? My son, a C5-6, has an intermittent low air loss mattress. He sleeps prone at night, with no need to turn at all. Even if you do have to turn, it shouldn't be that much stress on your body. I'm 62 and turn Matt in the morning while I'm getting him dressed with very little effort on my part. Were you taught proper turning/rolling techniques?

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangejello View Post
    I don't think you are doomed but I am not sure I understand the logistics of your plan. Are you planning to have the same person do a split shift of 9-11 am and then 11 pm-5am? I don't know how feasible that will be, just going off my own experience of trying to juggle a 24/7 caregiver schedule myself for a number of years and experimenting with a number of split shift configurations to try and accomodate the grad school and childcare needs of two of my full time staff. Would your expectation be that the 11 pm to 5 am shift person would stay awake all night? I am not criticising your plan, just trying to picture how it would work. Are you looking to hire two live-ins through the program?

    I am currently mulling over bringing in a foreign caregiver under a similar program in the province I live in, although if I do I would still be looking to fill the equal of 2 full time staff from an agency to cover balance of hours I require coverage for. But for stability reasons and to have a bit more flexibility with scheduling, I was thinking about having one person live in, although it would be more ideal to find somebody who already lives here rather than looking overseas. I have do have considerable mixed feelings about the program. The relatively low salaries seem somewhat exploitative and open to abuse to me. I do know people who have gone this route both for caregiving and childcare purposes and while some have had no problems and its worked out well for both sides--the person hiring and the person being hired. In other cases though it has not worked out for one reason or another. So I don't know if I am willing to take the risk.
    I was thinking of hiring two live-in caregivers from overseas. I know a woman we met at PT who uses three. She tells me that you do get what you pay for. You have to do all the training and the turnover is 2-3 years. The night shift would be difficult I admit. That is why I am posting on here.

    As for the low salaries... well they are sort of "doing time" to enter into the country. That is a requirment set up by the government. They cannot work anywhere else, go to school, or anything for 2 years. After that time they can than apply for citizenship. That can take another year or so to process (hence the turnover of 2-3 years). With free room and board the money is fairly decent. I know PSW's who make even less than that and they get all these crappy part-time hours. Plus no room and board. I really feel sorry for them. That is abuse. The girls they send here in the morning take care of Paul... done at 11am... and then off till 5pm for another client. That is how the government treats it's own people. Sorry I'm rambling... starting to go off topic. I just get so upset about the whole "system" as I'm sure we all do.

    So... I was curious about the "filling in" two full time people? What do you mean by that? Is that something I could consider?

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