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Thread: foley pulled out

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    foley pulled out

    im still recovering from botox so still have my foley! anyways,we were in Vegas this weekend and my foley pulled out while that bubble was fully inflated!!!!!!!!! we rushed to hospital and inserted a new one,but any idea how it happened?? i bleed a little but is it serious? and apprently you hae to pay $2500 deposit in US hospital and they will send you the leftover later! yes $2500 for just a catheter change!!!! ouch... god bless Canada and its free health care

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    A foley can be inserted by anyone including yourself, I would recommend a little knowledge as to what the foley is for and make certain everything is clean when the process takes place. Don't know about female but most males should have about 5cc's of fluid in the bubble, perhaps yours was not inflated enough or maybe the cath itself got caught on something and pulled out. Everything should be fine if the bleeding stoped shortly. $2500. is unreal and crazy, must have been done in emergency but still no excuse for only a partial cost of an even higher bill. I would be talking to someone of authority but am guessing it will have to be chalked up as a bad experience. Welcome to greed & legal robbery in the USA. Hope all else is well.
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    You paid for an emergency room visit, not just a Foley change. You were lucky to get out of there for $2500...doubt you will get any refund. If you have an indwelling catheter, you could have had a new one inserted in an Urgent Care center or doctor's office or even from a home health agency much cheaper than an ER, or better yet, learned how to do it yourself. Most hotels in Las Vegas have a physician that will take their guests with minimal delay to be seen.

    It is pretty easy to rip a urethral indwelling Foley catheter out of a female with the balloon inflated if you don't have the catheter properly secured. If you are not bleeding excessively, it is not an emergency. The treatment is just to replace it.


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    My wife's pushed out a couple of years ago, while we were on a cruise ship. She probably had a bladder spasm, since nothing was pulling on it. I had packed a spare Foley tray, so inserted a new one. That was the first time for me, but a little fumbling & thar she flows.
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    I had it happen once myself. No serious effects from it. I inserted a new one myself, and other than a little worried, was all set.
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    I've had that happen 3 times in 24 years, I never had any problems except for minor bleeding the first time it happened. It's scary because the balloon looks big, it probably sqeezes down smaller when it is passing through the urethra.

    The ER bill sounds about right, ER charges are ridiculousy high. I learned that my first visit!

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    This happened to me a few times too, I just changed it myself. No adverse affects.Seems like you have nothing to worry about- except that ridiculously large bill!
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    ditto to no prob. never went to er over a foley being yanked out. never had bleeding from it. talked ppl thru replacing it. no big.

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    Mine has been pulled out a bunch of times. We either just wipe it off with alcohol and put it back in after deflating the balloon or get a new one and shove it back in their. It sucks when it happens when I'm sitting in my chair because then I have to lay down somewhere to get it back in. It doesn't hurt anything. You may want to put a little more fluid and it next time.
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    This has always been a fear of mine. I have a SP, but I am terrified of it being snatched out.
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