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Thread: Tire question; alternative to Marathon Plus?

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    110-120 is plenty. i have never put more than 120 in mine in the past and their hard as a rock at that PSI. im already looking for a spare set of Spinergys that i will mount with marathons for my new Marvel

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    Yes they are hard, i put 110 psi, and they are hard, but for roll with them you will roll better as more hard are they in smooth surface of course, but for get down a step it will be worse.

    For you can make an idea, last week i did a video for an hospital going down stairs with the chair in two wheels, they have around 20 steps, that would be very difficult to do it with that pressures, i had to put them under 80psi for do it, around 60 psi.
    So it depends how heavy you are and find the pressure that you are more confortable for your daily use.

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    I have got a pair of RightRuns today in size 26". The wall of the tire, besides brand and tire names, contains blue sign with word Light. They are very light and just being curious I tried to see thickness of the top part of the tire. It seem to be........rather thin. I understand they should have puncture protection belt. I went to Schwalbe website and check the RightRuns there:

    The table contains column Technology and for mine, the last ones, it says Puncture Protection. In the same time some other sizes are marked as Light and they do not contain name Puncture Protection.
    Are all RightRuns puncture protected? I just want to be sure I got correct set.

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    There's one way to find out...

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    Not sure if they are or not but I've had really good luck with them. I'm stickin' with the RR from now on. I tried the Marathon Plus but took them off within the day. They were just oo slow and felt really draggy. Love the Rightruns and also the Panaracers. Panaracers seeme to attract sharp objects or a least they weren't puncture proof at all.

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    I wouldn't put too much trust in the puncture protection! A couple of weeks ago I had a pushpin in my marathon plus tire with puncture protection and it was flat instantly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by foton View Post
    Are all RightRuns puncture protected?
    Yes RightRuns have all the same punture proteted, but Marathon have a thicker puncture protected.

    Of course, maybe someday you could have a puncture, but the chances are much lower than with another tire.

    I always have been riding with Right Runs, and i had only one pucture, but the screw which pricked my tire could pricked even a tire of a car.
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    well i have the rightruns on my old wc also the first time i handbiked to my work one got punctured .iam not sure if the marathon evo that i have on my wc now are better since its winter i never handbike than but untill now no puncture in it .

    btw the rightruns looked great on my old wc since the tyre was the same colour as my spokes .and they are much cheaper than the marathons .

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    Here you can see all the tires of Schwalbe and their puncture protection.

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    I have just called Schwalbe with question about RightRun tires information posted on their website. What have prompted me was the small blue sign with word "Light". If you check their website, I have posted the link in the earlier thread, table with tire parameters lists some as Light Technology and few as Puncture Protected.
    I just wanted to know are they all have the same protection or not. looks like they do not. At least according to person whom I talked to. My interest is in 26" ones. He said that those do not come as puncture protected in contrary what website says. He checked the Schwalbe catalogue and there 26" tires are listed as Light technology. In this case I would advise anyone who would like to order those tires to call Schwalbe first !!!!!!!!!
    I still wait for the phone call from them not only about my tires, but also what should I do if their website is incorrect and I ordered them based on that information.
    I also asked them to check time to time this website and to be involved in some threads. We will see.........
    I will let you know.

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