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Thread: softroll casters

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    softroll casters

    Hi everyone.

    I`m a softroll casters user, i`ve got a 5"x1.5", and now i`m going for 4"x1.5".

    The people who use froglegs casters i think that they will never go back to poly tire casters.
    My next chair is going to be a tilite and i saw that they have in the order form softroll casters, i never think in they before because i use 5" and their 5" softroll casters are horrible in my imo.
    But now i`m waiting a 4"x1.5" and if after a few weeks rolling with them, i like them, i will order my tilite thinking in a 4" casters for the front height, so i have seen that in the order are a 4"x1" softroll casters too, and they will be lighter than the froglegs one.
    So my question is: are some of you using this casters and how like are them?
    How are them if we compare with froglegs casters?
    They roll well, or you think that it`s better have froglegs even if they are heavier?

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    You need the 5x1 TiLite soft roll to get the same dampening effect as a Frog Legs 4x1.5. I don't think the 4x1's are lighter than the 4x1.5's (in fact they may be heavier). They also don't roll as easily on smooth surfaces because they use a spongier rubber and will and get bogged down more easily in mud or snow because they are narrower.

    Then, there is the replacement cost. FrogLegs soft rolls are significantly cheaper. I wouldn't be surprised to see the aluminum hub Frog Legs caster eventually replace the 2 piece billet soft rolls now that TiLite has widened their fork. Even though it is less expensive, the 1.5W FL aluminum hubs are a better caster .

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    O.K so i`ll forget them and i continue with 1.5"W FL, they are very good.

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