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Thread: Long Term Disability

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    Long Term Disability

    Work is getting very hard for me.... Bowl accidents, piss my pants, leg spasms, carpel tunnel and pain....

    If I do try for LTD will they always be on me to get back to work...Do you think they would follow you around to bust ya on a day that might be good and your doing yard work...

    I have been working there for 2 years... Nothing big has changed but the carpel tunnel... I can deal with the pain.....

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    I think getting medical documentation that you have a condition which keeps you from working will be one of the most important things you will need in application and if approved ongoing reviews w/ medical documentation.

    If you have a good doctor who will make a case for you it will obviously help. Also, read your policy to see what the terms and conditons are and what they (LTD) will and will not cover.

    Good luck
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    My LTD insurance carrier insists upon medical verification occasionally, but they have never suggested I go back to work.

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    They are correct in the documentation. I had Lupus for 20 someodd years, had numerous, I mean NUMEROUS hospitalizations anddr visits, the soc sec. called my doc. and asked him, this guy need to be on soc.sec., I'll take your word on it, his wife answered every question like with an extra sheet of paper. Doctor said yep, all there was to it. Documentation.

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    anyone been turned down? I changed jobs so I am worried they will call it pre existing... they have taken my 150 bucks for the last 18 months for the benfit.....

    i am worried that if I go down that road I loose my job and my benfits... maybe I should get an attorney.

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    is bowl and bladder enough to go on LTD? I sit in pee everyday at work and I cant take it anymore.....

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    Why are you sitting in pee? Don't you have a decent bladder management program?


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    Quote Originally Posted by OU812 View Post
    is bowl and bladder enough to go on LTD? I sit in pee everyday at work and I cant take it anymore.....
    Is your carrier Metlife? Also, do you use a leg bag while working? A 1000ml bag with a condom catheter could provide some relief from all that. I don't work but still wear one throughout the day if I am out. I take detrol as well and that seems to help with my spastic bladder.

    I went throught the entire LTD process and even was sent for a medical review with a Metflife neurologist who, based on his evaluation, sent me to the land of permanent disability payments two years post injury. Metlife can be very difficult in their LTD approvals.

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    For me when I started problems like that with my M.S. they only wanted to re-train me for a job that was flexable and would acomidate the problem.

    I wasn't exepted for disability untill my cognitive functions,walking ability and memory lapses and losing periods of time all started up.

    Good luck and I hope it goes threw for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Why are you sitting in pee? Don't you have a decent bladder management program?

    that's my question...

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