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Thread: Wheel Chair's Tip's & Tricks

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    Wheel Chair's Tip's & Tricks

    For a long time I've been wanting to shoot the breeze about wheelchair Ideas ... Calling it Tips & Tricks

    Some of us like myself are innovative .
    I am a serious Motorcycle enthusiests and Love modifying and customizing . Raking you name it I like it and attempt it I've built some radical choppers

    What Adjustments or ideeas have you done to your wheelchair ?
    Wheels ?
    Camber ?
    Seating ?

    I do lots of self modifications and I am currently working on a sport Camber idea for wheelchairs ... Gonna take me some time but if I manage this right I will try developing a Very variable Camber rear wheel Bracket of my own concept .Being I am very athletic
    Right now this is one of my thing's on my work desk in Draft .

    Lets share ideas and stuff
    It will be fun
    Thank you

    I hope to hear some good feedback Youre all the best ...

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    Great idea. I've done a few minor things to my chair. When I figure out how to post a picture, I will put them in here (I'm referring to the kind of mods that don't cost money).
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    i have been trying to come up with ideas to make my own cushion. i bottom out everyone! i'm 6 foot and only weigh 115 to 120 i know skin and bones! so what i'm thinking so far is get my hands on a tempurpedic bed or maybe just some memory foam pad and use the jay gel. think it will work?
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    Hey, Cripple4life

    I've done some DIY upholstery work and I can tell you that the best cushion is not going to be memory foam. Even the brand name tempurpedic pillows squash flat permanently after constant use. I would recommend finding out what foam a local physical therapist uses for thier patients to try standing on for balance training. That stuff is serious! I'd also recommend making the cushion cover just a teensy bit smaller than the foam itself. Why? Because otherwise the cover is going to slip and slide over the foam like nobody's business.

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    Hi I used to have a good sewing machine lol but lost it im a bad relationship ... I have been using a 16' gel seat pad it holds up and is comfy
    Tip's n Tricks
    Working on my elec beater suspension it's kool I moved my rear tilt axle wheels 2'in Back and now I can drive it up a very steep short ramp into a office ... the chair used to feel like it would tip back now it dont . also I prob will be possibly making the rear wheel a single floater to try out . In the Future maybe this winter get some 1 inch square tubing making a new frame from scratch and moving the seat more back possibly a slide car style base . for balance and comfort . As it is now the seat is dead centered over the mid Drive wheels and has no adjustment ... it's a old elec chair ... a beater good work horse ....
    The stock suspension stinks very bland and no frills ...

    Still messing around on my drawing table axle brakets for manual one WC

    I want it to be simple and light .
    Got alot in my mind and on the drawing table so far the elec chair rear wheel mod made a huge difference on the scout ...Just by moving them back 2 inches ...

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