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Thread: Back to nature, buckwheat aka noah

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    Back to nature, buckwheat aka noah

    Back to nature
    More than two and a half years after an automobile accident left him paralyzed, Noah Smith is getting back to doing the things he loves

    Ashley Griffin
    Outdoor Recreation Reporter

    May 25, 2005
    On Dec. 1, 2002, an airborne tire hit former University student Noah Smith's car and caused quite a wreck. He sustained extensive injuries so great that afterward he couldn't participate in his favorite outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming, camping or working at the University's Outdoor Program and the Northwest Youth Corps, based in Eugene.

    "My favorite thing to do was work for Northwest Youth Corps in the summer time; building trails, hiking all over the Northwest and working with high school kids and teaching them about the outdoors," Smith said. "With the OP, I enjoyed going on trips with fellow University students and just being around people that appreciated the outdoors."

    The accident shattered his spinal column and bruised his spinal cord, causing paralysis. Still, Smith was not ready to give up his love of the outdoors. Ever the determined individual, the 22-year-old soon made plans for the future that didn't include sitting still.

    After a recovery period at Sacred Heart Medical Center, Smith moved to a rehabilitation center called Project Walk. The center has an intensive program for people who have suffered spinal cord injuries. At the center, Smith works at his physical therapy two hours per day, three days per week. He also does therapy at home for two hours every day he isn't in therapy to increase his ability to do the activities of days past.

    "I felt that as long as I was in a wheelchair, outdoor activities would not be unavailable to me," he said. "In the acute stages I couldn't bear to think about never doing them again, so I just set my sights on walking again."


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    Good article again Busk. Better take in all the Northwest you can while you're back this summer. You're a tough guy, keep moving forward.

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    Buck, did you go surfing yet? Jake and I were talking about you today. Good article.

    "...I mean the wheelchair would be a thing in the past
    And us quads can talk about the past and laugh"-Professirx

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    Buck, did you go surfing yet? Jake and I were talking about you today. Good article.
    I just saw this thread... Beth, yes I did go surfing! It was tough getting pictures though; I look like an ant on the empire state building. The cold water freaked my body out and the spasms wore me down, but it was so great being in the ocean! Wiping out was almost more fun than being on the board!

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