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    I Believe TV

    Hello Friends, please take the time out and read these documents on how to help individuals with Spinal Cord Injury receive I Believe TV on your Public Access.

    How to get I Believe TV

    Richard Gaskin ''Professir X''

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    Hello Friend,I would like to inform you on updates I made with SCI awareness. Since 2005 I have used media from events I attended and footage from Santina Muha's archive. We produce a show on public access in New Jersey. I feel more then just people living with SCI are in NJ we need to expand in other states. In August 2009, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation awarded my nonprofit I Believe Inc. 24,000.00 to improve the shows quality with new equipment. While it will require more funds to expand and grow. I am now uploading old episodes to prepare you for what is developing. Go to the website and under main menu click on I Believe TV.

    Don't forget to visit my partners and join their netwoork of resources

    If you have videos related to SCI, send to the address provided in contact with your permission and release responsibilities.
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